The 7 Best Foldable Flats of 2022

It’s the end of the day, and your feet are killing you! Heels may be fashionable, but they are far from comfortable. We’ve all been there, ladies, haven’t we? Whether it’s an hour into that fancy wedding, gritting our teeth at our first high school ballroom dance, or the traffic-laden commute at the end of a hard day at the office, we all know what it is like to want just to rip off our heels and throw them across the room in frustration.

Whether it’s carrying blister cream and Band-Aids in our purse or propping our feet up when we get home even though we had an unending list of things we wanted to get done, it can often feel like our foot pain runs our lives.

I got sick of this happening, so I was excited to jump on the trend of foldable footwear. Now, I slip some foldable shoes into my purse or handbag and relax. When the trend first started, I was one of the very few people to get on board. Most of the shoes made were pretty basic, and they weren’t built to last. They felt more like slippers than shoes for public events.

Now, I am happy to report that the trend has caught fire and designers have begun putting care into high quality and high fashion folding foldable flats.

With this list of the best foldable flats, you can slip out of those heels and into a pair of comfortable flats that are still stylish enough to finish that important event.

Best Foldable Flats

NamePriceMade ofSole
Foldable/Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slipper Shoe by Silky ToesCheck PriceSyntheticRubber
Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat by Lucky BrandCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Women’s Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Shoes by Shoes8teenCheck PriceCottonRubber
Women’s Samara Ballet Flat by Yosi SamraCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Women’s Faux Suede Comfort Flat by OllioCheck PriceSyntheticSynthetic
Women’s Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper by IsotoneCheck PriceFabric or TextileRubber
Classic Ballet Flats by Fit in CloudsCheck PriceSatinRubber

1. Foldable/Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slipper Shoe by Silky Toes

Foldable/Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slipper Shoe by Silky Toes

This shoe is the top choice for the best and most comfortable foldable flat. It is lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Because they are made of patent leather, these shoes naturally fit the shape of your foot. A lightly cushioned insole provides comfort.

These shoes have a split sole so that they can be folded in half. The seam of the shoe ensures that the fabric is not worn or damaged when they are folded for storage.

These foldable flats come in both black and nude with a variety of sizes for buyers to choose from. Their classic look makes them perfect for travel, work, formal events, and nights out on the town.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • The elastic lining around the top provides a premium fit
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Lightly-cushioned insoles make these shoes comfortable
  • These have excellent foldable flat reviews by a large number of users
  • Purchase includes a lightweight carrying case, making it easy to take them on the go


  • Seem to run small, so consider sizing up when you purchase a pair
  • Foldable flats are not the same as rollable flats, so make sure to understand the difference before buying
  • When available, some of the printed fabrics can appear different, so that two paired shoes might not match
  • These shoes do not offer proper arch support

Overall, this shoe is recommended for people in need of a lightweight flat that they can wear both inside and outside. The included storage case makes them ideal for travel.

Concerned about finding the right shoe for arch support? You may see our review about shoes for arch support that are available here.

2. Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat by Lucky Brand

Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat by Lucky Brand

This is a stylish, cute shoe with a lot of great features. These shoes are made with quality materials, including real leather with rubber soles. They are chic and suitable for a variety of activities, from formal events to casual outings.

These shoes, which have been given high foldable flat ratings by many customers, come in a variety of colors and styles. These shoes have many solid-colored leather options, as well as several options with fabric patterns and textures.

A slight heel and a memory foam insert set these shoes apart from other styles. The heel adds a touch of sophistication, while the memory foam ensures a custom, comfortable fit with each wear.

Please note that these shoes may require some sizing adjustments. It is advised that you size up a full size for fabric options and a half size for real leather options.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • Made with real leather
  • Many patterns and colors to choose from
  • Suitable for both formal and casual wear
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear at a variety of types of events
  • Comfortable once broken in


  • Real leather requires a bit of breaking in at first
  • Very minimal overall support
  • No arch support
  • Do not fold or roll for portable travel

These are some of the most comfortable foldable flats on this list once they have been broken in. Though you might need to size up a bit, these shoes will carry you through a wide variety of events and social engagements. They are of good quality and modern style.

3. Women’s Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Shoes by Shoes8teen

Women’s Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Shoes by Shoes8teen

These shoes have been given excellent foldable flat reviews by consumers. They come in a wide variety of colors, including black, gold, pink, and many more. They are a slip-on style with an elastic lining that helps give you a comfortable fit.

In addition to their many colors, these shoes also come in a variety of materials. Patent leather, mock suede, and sequins are all available in many sizes.

With a soft, microfiber lining and rubber soles, these shoes are lightweight and portable. However, they are not suitable for lots of outdoor wear, especially in bad weather. Because of this, they would be ideal for indoor events, such as weddings, trips to the movies, and dinner dates.


  • Lightweight fit with double-stitched elastic
  • Stylish and suitable for a variety of indoor events
  • Available in many colors, prints, and materials to match all of your outfits
  • Purchase includes a storage bag
  • Portable weight, making them ideal as backup shoes at long social events
  • Generally, run true to size


  • Unsuitable for much outdoor wear
  • Little to no support
  • The material inside of shoes might make your feet sweat

These shoes would be a great fit for people who are looking for a compact, lightweight shoe for those in need of a portable option. Though they are not made with the most durable materials, they are an excellent buy for their price point.

4. Women’s Samara Ballet Flat by Yosi Samra

Women’s Samara Ballet Flat by Yosi Samra

These shoes are some of the most comfortable ballet flat available, and they are a great alternative to more expensive styles. All color options have a rubber sole, as well as an insole that is made up of memory foam and antibacterial ortholite padding.

The body of these shoes is made with either real leather or patent leather, depending on what color you choose. There are many different colors available, including several trendy metallic options. These popular flats would look great at casual events and are most suitable for indoor use.

Again, consider sizing up when you order, especially if you are a half-size. These shoes stretch to accommodate most wide feet as well.


  • Lots of trendy metallic options
  • Comfortable for indoor use or light outdoor use
  • Foldable style makes them easy to pack for travel
  • Accommodate wide feet comfortably
  • Stretch sides help prevent chafing and blisters


  • Not a durable shoe for long term or strenuous use
  • Some customers have received low-quality or poorly-made items
  • No arch support

Because there have been some issues from other customers regarding the quality of these shoes, it would be advisable for you to order the Lucky Brand style instead if you are looking for a traditional flat-style. However, the fun colors and overall comfort make these a relatively popular foldable flat option.

5. Women’s Faux Suede Comfort Flat by Ollio

Women’s Faux Suede Comfort Flat by Ollio

These are some of the most popular foldable flat available on this list. They fold and roll for easy transportation and have a modern style. They are a true flat style with no heel, and they have a classic rounded toe.

These shoes are made with synthetic materials, which might be a turnoff to some customers. However, they come in several different colors, though not as many as some as the other options on this list.

Though there might not be the best flats, they are a good option. They are some of the most comfortable foldable flats on our list because of their elastic edging and pull-heel tab. Their material allows the shoes to mold to fit your feet comfortably with each wear.


  • Overall true to size
  • Vegan because they use manmade materials
  • Constructed using the elastic edging for comfort
  • Roll to fit in compact spaces for travel
  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Can comfortably fit a shoe insert to increase support


  • Little to no arch support
  • Made with synthetic materials
  • Difficult to clean
  • Not very breathable during long wears

Even though these are constructed with synthetic materials, they are some of the best foldable flats on our list because of how comfortable they — these shoe ideal for someone who needs a cute, stylish shoe for a casual indoor event.

6. Women’s Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper by Isotone

Women’s Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper by Isotone

These shoes are truly some of the most unique on the market. They have been given high flats reviews by other consumers because of their comfort and unique materials.

Though these shoes are only available in three colors, their knitted fabric provides a comfortable fit. The fabric is moisture-wicking, which helps with both sweat and odor during a long day on your feet. Additionally, their durable rubber sole makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

One drawback to the fabric is that it is not ideal for bad weather. The fabric gets wet easily and becomes uncomfortable in the rain or snow. Be advised that these shoes are a great outdoor option on days with good weather and no standing water on the ground.


  • Stylish and unique fabric
  • Fabric provides a comfortable stretch and fit
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Minimal sweat and odor
  • Machine washable
  • Foldable for easy transportation and packing
  • Lightweight option
  • True to size options


  • Minimal support
  • Colors and patterns might not match a wide variety of outfit choices
  • Seam inside the shoe might be uncomfortable for some with sensory sensitivities
  • Not as versatile as other styles

These are some of the most comfortable foldable flats available on this list. The fabric patterns might not be a great wardrobe match for everyone, which is why they are lower on this list of options. However, the fact that they are machine washable is wonderful, as no other shoes in this category offer that capability.

7. Classic Ballet Flats by Fit in Clouds

Classic Ballet Flats by Fit in Clouds

With a thick, durable sole and a cushioned insole, these are some foldable flats available. The thick sole means that they are suitable for outdoor wear, and they fold up rather than roll for travel.

These shoes are a classic, stylish option and come in black or nude. They are a versatile shoe because they would look great with a variety of styles of outfits. Their rubber sole means that you can wear them to outdoor events, but they are also stylish enough for indoor social gatherings as well.

Because these shoes are so comfortable, they are ideal for days when you plan to be on your feet a lot. These are appropriate for the workplace and for attending more casual weddings, as well as dinner dates and other such outings.


  • Thick, durable rubber sole
  • Fold easily for compact travel
  • Purchase includes a travel bag
  • Classic style
  • Versatile colors that will go with your whole wardrobe


  • Do not run true to size
  • Do not accommodate wide feet well
  • No support, especially through the arch

These shoes have several positives, but overall, you would find a better shoe if you were to buy our first pick on this list, as the styles are very similar.


As you can see, the market for foldable flats is flooded with great options. You no longer have to wear super-thin, poorly made fabric slipper slip-on in your choice of black, brown, or sequin. You can wear high quality, rubber sole, and designer grade slip-on in a variety of fashions, styles, and materials. Any shoe on this list is among the best foldable flats on the market today, so what are you waiting for? Kick those heels to the curb!

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