How to make big shoes fit?

You’ve splurged big bucks on a favorite pair of shoes. But when they get home, you realize they are a tad too big. If for some reason, you can’t return them, then the next move is to figure out how you can make them fit.

If you are wondering how to make big shoes fit, then this article will sort you out with some practical answers. Let’s get this show on the road then.

6 ways to make big shoes fit

  • Put on a sock

 The first and possibly your best solution is to put on socks. They need to be fairly thicker than your usual types so they can eat up that extra space. This method is affordable and can be used with boots and running shoes.

On the flip side, you cannot wear a sock with open shoes, heels, and sandals. If the season is too hot or your feet sweat a lot, then you might want to keep on reading.

  • Shove in an insole

Shoe inserts are the real deal when it comes to making big shoes fit. They are also a good alternative for anyone looking to bump up comfort and support. As you can imagine, the inserts will need to be thicker to fill out more space.

Foam and gel inserts get damaged quite fast and will need frequent replacement. A better option that’s comfortable and long-lasting is poron.

  • Feel up the empty space

What if you are in a hurry and can’t trace insoles or socks? We bet it will be easier to stuff up that extra space with something, right? You can squeeze in some toilet paper, an old rag, or cotton pads. This will prevent the shoes from sliding back and forth when you move.

If you choose this method, be sure to empty your shoes at the end of a wearing session to prevent bad smells from developing. Secondly, if you sweat a lot during the daytime, you might want to have some extra materials with you for the replacement to combat the discomfort that comes with moist feet.

  • Ball foot cushioning

Ball foot cushioning are special cushions designed to be placed at the ball of the foot. Some can be placed in the forefoot region as well. The method works well for both heels, boots, and other ill-fitting house shoes.

We love this method because it looks professional compared to stuffing the shoe up with tissue paper and rugs. In place of ball foot cushioning, you can use heel strips as well. They serve the same purpose and can be great for shoes with uncomfortable heels.

Heel strips come with an adhesive for sticking them on the footbed. For that reason, you can place them practically anywhere in your shoes.

  • Shrink them

This trick is awesome for anyone who doesn’t want to fill shoes with things. But since it’s a slow process, make sure you don’t need to use your shoes in the next couple of hours.

So how does one shrink shoes? It’s simple. Soak them in water to get them wet. Once they are well drenched, take them outdoors to dry. If the sun is out, use a hairdryer at its lowest setting.

Once the shoes are fully dried, try them out. This trick is only relevant for shoes that are water-friendly. So before you get any of your pairs wet, make sure they won’t get damaged. For leather and suede shoes, you’ll need to apply a conditioner to restore their quality. 

  • Get professional help
Get professional help

If you don’t have the time or DIY skills to make your big shoes fit, then seek help from a cobbler. They can resize your shoes so they fit just the way you want. Be sure to ask the rates first as some do charge a lot.

Wrap up

Wearing everyday shoes that are too big can result in accidental trips. Also, the back and forth movement can cause foot pains or aggravate any deformities that you already have. Thankfully, you now know how to make big shoes fit just right.

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