The 10 Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery of 2022

Your feet are one of the most sensitive parts of your body prone to swelling after an operative procedure. The following reviewed post-op shoes and boots are designed to aid in the healing post-op process. You will note that not all post-op shoes or boots are the same.

Depending on the severity of your foot condition and the surgery performed, not all post-operative shoes will provide adequate comfort levels during the recovery process. You doctor may recommend a specialized post-op shoe or boot for your particular foot surgical procedure.

This review highlights the 10 Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery for 2022 that will guide you through the process of becoming familiar with the appropriate post-op footwear. For this review, the Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot comes highly recommended based on style, performance, and the ability to support your foot during recovery and rehabilitation.

What to Look for Before Buying Shoes to Wear After For Surgery


Post-op boots and shoes feature the best materials in the surgical field. The shoe or boot that you wear after foot surgery will often depend on the foot surgery performed. In all cases, the material of post-operative footwear is designed lightweight material.

Function not style should always be your goal in selecting the appropriate post-op surgical boot or shoe. Your podiatrist or surgeon will recommend a shoe or boot with specialized supportive materials that will get you back on the road to recovery faster.


No one is going to see your post-op boots or shoes except you, your family, friends and your doctor. This surgical footwear may seem a bit cumbersome however includes the latest in technology to protect your foot, not to set new fashion trends or statements.

The designers of surgical footwear often take into consideration the appearance of their products. Overall, this post-op surgical footwear is, in fact, quite stylish with smooth, clean lines while keeping in mind the needs of you, the patient.


Depending on the foot surgery performed the recovery period, maybe a few weeks to a few months or more. The best shoes after foot surgery are designed to guide you through this recovery period while offering an increased comfort level not found on any other footwear.

Additional bracing and specialized support allow you limited mobility during your recovery period while aiding in residual pain and discomfort that is often a side-effect of surgery.

Feet to Ankle

The term feet to ankle is often interrupted in many different ways. In reference to your feet, feet to ankle represent the primary part of your body that you depend on daily. Post-op footwear supports the surgical area of your foot throughout the entire surface of your feet, including your ankles.

Consider this. Most foot surgeries stem from one source. Not wearing the proper supportive footwear. You can wear the latest in fashion trending footwear or a surgical boot later on. The choice is yours.


Post-op footwear may seem a bit heavy, however, for a very good reason. The sole of any post-op footwear is the heart of any surgical footwear. The sole provides a great deal of comfort for your foot while relieving pressure on the surgical area of your foot.

The sole of properly designed post-op surgical footwear prevents infections limiting movement of your foot. These engineered, designed soles enable you to walk naturally without interfering with dressings and offering increased protection.

Shock Absorption

Shocks to the area of your foot surgery are the last thing that you need. Shocks will further injure the area of your foot surgery, tearing stitches and causing a more considerable amount of pain than you already have. Post-op surgical footwear offers shock-absorbing properties that prevent and absorb shocks.

Specialized footwear offers more exceptional cushioning to the surgical area of your foot. From your toes to heel and ankles, there is post-op footwear available to cover all areas of foot surgery.

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery

NamePriceMade ofSole
Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking BootCheck PriceRubberLow Rocker
Vive Post Op ShoeCheck PriceWide SquareNon-Skid Rocker
Premium Post Op Broken ToeCheck PriceCushionRigid Rocker
BraceAbility Foot Cast BootCheck PriceFoamRocker
ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op ShoeCheck PriceWideRigid Rocker
Darco Med-Surg Post Operative ShoeCheck PriceFlatRubber
Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op ShoeCheck PriceWideSemi Rigid
United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture BootCheck PriceWideRocker
Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture AnkleCheck PriceWideRubber
Ankle Brace Fixation ShoeCheck PriceWideRubber

1. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

This short walking brace is a supportive removable cast for sprains and foot fractures. There is ample room on the interior of this boot for foot dressings without lessening the already superior comfort provided. Low rocker sole promotes a more natural walking motion without restrictions.

The lightweight configuration of these walking boots features a semi-rigid exterior with a pre-inflated air cell. The two adjustable featured air cells individually adjust for maximum comfort levels. The included hand pump is a useful, convenient feature.

The outer shell is very supportive while offering additional protection from blunt force shocks. Extra containment of your foot maintains proper immobilization allowing foot breaks and fractures to heal quickly. Air cells located on each side of your ankle prevent swelling.

This short walking boot offers a viable solution to several injuries to the forefoot, mid and hindfoot and chronic foot conditions including plantar fasciitis.


  • Broader exterior foot base for good balance on all surfaces
  • Improved ergonomic design for ease-of-use and compliance
  • Pneumatic compression for improved blood flow and edema reduction
  • Complete adjustability for the decrease in foot swelling
  • Engineered for total patient comfort with superior foot injury protection


  • Too heavy, bulky and awkward to wear
  • Interior felt of boot did not last more than a month
  • Cut-outs and air packet on outer edge hit exactly on fracture

Overall lower than expected rating on Amazon is somewhat disappointing. Very affordable boot with superior, durable, lightweight, protective construction.

Moving on, take a look at these post-op boots and shoes.

2. Vive Post Op Shoe

Vive Post Op Shoe

These lightweight medical walking boots are a long way from the uncomfortable and cumbersome casts used in yesteryears. These square-toe post-surgical walking boots allow you to adjust comfort levels with two adjustable, convenient Velcro straps over an under-buckle closure for a snug and secure fit.

These removable walking boots allow for natural bathing of your foot and easier replacement of surgical gauzes and bandages. The non-skid tread provides excellent stability with a rigid rocker sole arch support that relieves pain and pressure on your forefoot and heel.

You will find a wider toe box that acts as a bumper to protect all areas of your feet with plentiful room for changing of surgical dressings. These walking boots are often considered to be one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery or for other severe foot injuries.

These medical walking boots offer excellent support and protection following post-operative procedures. The orthopedic support brace design provides a comfortable fit; however, they may not work well with more complicated foot surgeries.


  • Universal surgical shoes for right or left foot
  • Compatible for men or women with appropriate sizing
  • Open-toe design for air movement around foot dressings
  • Post-surgery protection for foot bandages and casts
  • Durable and dependable construction you can count on


  • Little support or protection on the top, overlapping band
  • Disappointing overall poor quality
  • Sole is too rigid and uncomfortable to walk on

Reasonable ranking on Amazon, however, plenty of room for improvement. These post-op shoes remain very affordable but should be worn only as directed by a qualified medical specialist.

Need more foot support? These following surgical boots might be a better fit for you.

3. Premium Post Op Broken Toe

Premium Post Op Broken Toe

Look for excellent protection from forefoot injuries wearing these square toe women’s walking shoes. The adjustable ankle strap with padded heel minimizes heel slippage for the best possible foot positioning. Rigid rocker sole reduces excessive pressure.

The removable insoles provide additional options for the insertion of specialized padding or orthotics to aid in your recovery process. Universal fit allows for this post-op walking shoe to be worn on either foot. These shoes temporarily limit mobilization during the recovery process for broken foot care.

These shoes come highly recommended as the best shoes for a broken foot and several weeks of progressive weight-bearing motions. The rigid sole of this flat shoe is adequately supportive. Soft padding on the interior keeps comfortable levels very high.

The open square toe design protects your toes with adjustable Velcro straps that will need to be cut to desired lengths for the comfort levels sought. The advanced overlay protection offered by these walking shoes protects the top of your feet from shocks or falling objects.


  • Shoes provide excellent stability making walking much easier
  • Available in sizes for narrower women’s feet
  • The very affordable cost makes these walking shoes even more attractive
  • Suitable traction outsole for gr traction on all interior or exterior floor surfaces
  • Multiple uses from less severe foot injuries to post-operative foot care


  • Very little arch support
  • The shape of the sole tends to push toes up when walking
  • Velcro straps are way too long

Currently rated as an “Amazon Choice.” Good overall steady rating.

4. BraceAbility Foot Cast Boot

BraceAbility Foot Cast Boot

Many leading podiatrists recommend this square toe post-op boot for a variety of foot injuries and surgeries. The square toe design relieves the pressure with room for compression socks or other medical devices.

The strapless top of the foot Velcro closure is easily adjustable for both right- and left-hand users. This post-op boot fits both the right and left foot for both men and women.

This boot is not only for post-op patients but recommended for other non-surgery foot injuries such as broken toes where full or partial immobilization is required.

The comfortable insole of these surgical boots remains very supportive relieving pressure on sensitive areas of your post-operative foot. The material used in the construction of this boot is eco-friendly not compromising overall comfort levels.

The outsole of these medical boots features good ribbing for traction on all surfaces. The upper portion of these shoes to wear after foot surgery is comprised of tricot foam comforting material that is soothing when placed against your surgical foot.


  • Easy to place the foot into the boot with top opening design
  • Rocker sole allows for smooth roll-through of your natural gait
  • Strapless adjustable forefoot closure for easy changing of foot bandages
  • Low-profile fit that is comfortable, not bulky
  • Velcro straps are durable and ideal for adjustments


  • Not recommended for major foot surgery
  • Uncomfortable when wearing socks over medical casts
  • Lacking excellent heel support for plantar fasciitis patients

Poor Amazon rating due to limited sales and number of unresponsive consumers.

Don’t panic. There are plenty more post-op shoes left in this review for you to consider

5. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

These post-operative shoes feature the latest in design to meet all your orthopedic needs. Stable protection is assured following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma. High ankle strapping is an excellent feature that protects your ankles from further injury providing additional support.

The rigid rocker sole reduces pressure on all areas of the foot. Comfort levels maintain a full protective adjustable cover on the forefoot area. These supportive medical boots are primarily used as a protective cover for the addition of specialized casts while maintaining an adequate comfortable room.

You will find the square toe open design is not only comfortable but allows some freedom of movement with no cramping or binding. The open design allows for easy access to the foot for changing of bandages and visual inspection by your doctor.

A limited number of Velcro closure straps eliminates confusion and adjusting and readjusting for desired comfort levels. The thicker traction proof outsole is supportive and provides for superior protection from shocks.


  • Great transitional product from a cast or boot to shoes
  • Affordable post-operative boot with correct sizing
  • Flexible rocker sole with better supportive rigidity and traction than a regular shoe
  • Extra length for better protection of exposed toes
  • Very affordable price for a high-quality post-op shoe


  • Difficult to find a good secure fit around foot or ankle
  • Sole flexes too much with little support
  • Poor overall durable quality

A good ranking on Amazon with a well-structured low price point. Good shoe for a variety of foot injuries not necessarily foot surgeries.

Let’s continue to discover more interesting facts on the following post-op shoes.

6. Darco Med-Surg Post Operative Shoe

Darco Med-Surg Post Operative Shoe

These women’s MedSurg shoes continue to be one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery. For years, these women’s shoes continue to be highly recommended based on overall quality and design features not found on similar competing styles.

These supportive shoes provide a rigid control under the metatarsal heads of your foot for plantar fasciitis recovery surgery patients. The proprietary off-loading system of these women’s shoes features a removable peg insole that reduces pain levels faster for a speedy recovery.

This post-operative shoe is a versatile way for both men and women pain relief when recovering from surgery. The adjustable straps fit as snug or as wide as you prefer with a seventeen-inch overall circumference.

These non-gender specific shoes will keep your foot cool and comfortable throughout the entire recovery process. These durable and dependable shoes can be worn outside as well for trips to the doctor’s office or running errands.


  • Ideal shoes for diabetics or those with circulatory problems
  • Square toe design facilitates a better left and right overall fit
  • MetaShank™ protection for rigid control under the metatarsal heads of the foot
  • Strap closure removes buckle pressure on the forefoot
  • Rocker sole reduces twenty-five percent more pressure on heel and forefoot


  • Not supportive enough for post-op use
  • Velcro closures do not stay where placed
  • Sole is not rigid and bends where it should not

Lower than expected ranking on Amazon. A Good affordability factor supports the overall high quality of these versatile post-op shoes.

Look for further information on the following post-op shoes with features that might surprise you.

7. Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe

Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe

These post-op women’s shoes do not present a visual presentation of a shoe to be worn for post-operative surgeries. The overall quality of these shoes is poor, with numerous additional buckles that irritate sensitive areas of your feet.

The outsole is comprised of inexpensive material that offers little support to feet recovering from any form of foot surgery, especially osteotomies, the dividing of a bone. Trimmable straps are inconvenient, giving more indication to a shoe that is not suitable as medical footwear for post-op surgeries.

The breathable mesh uppers are not necessary on a shoe that remains partially open when worn. The reinforced heel does not offer the proper support or stability needed and is evident. The proposed padded collar is for looks only offering no additional support to surgical areas of your foot.

There remains no clear medical evidence that these shoes include orthopedic supports for diabetic ulcers or visual appearance of the same. The only viable aspect of these shoes is that these shoes fit either the right or left foot.


  • Proposed reinforced heel provides support and the reduction of heel slippage
  • Dual side closure accommodates extra bulky dressings
  • Proposed design for recovery of soft-tissue procedures
  • Proposed relief for geriatric or insensitive feet
  • Immobilization for the foot for adequate recovery times


  • Low profile design offers no ankle support
  • Padded insole with multiple separation occurrences
  • Better suited as a sandal than a post-operative shoe

A surprisingly good ranking on Amazon. Limited amount of consumer reviews tend to raise rankings.

Continue and look for post-op shoes that follow that will get your attention.

8. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

The plastic molded uprights with steel reinforcement make these CAM (Controlled Ankle Movement) one of the best shoes after foot surgery. These premiere post-operative boots provide the maximum amount of stability and support following any foot or post-op surgical procedure.

These boots remain versatile and suitable for painful acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, and associated foot and ankle injuries. Professional athletes rely on the support and healing abilities of these post-op boots for speedy recovery times with no further reoccurrences of similar foot injuries.

The shock-absorbing insole reduces abrupt impacts of heel striking the ground. The engineered rocker sole promotes your natural gait (stride) allowing the continuation of your daily activities while wearing this well-designed post-operative boot.

This boot offers an optional pneumatic air feature with interior air cells for sound, adjustable comfort levels. This feature is advisable for reduction of swelling, pain, and overall improvement of healing times.


  • Boots are easily removed for convenience when taking showers
  • Boots completely stabilize the leg restricting the movement of your foot
  • Plastic lightweight molded uprights for the best in lateral support
  • Wide footbed for increased stability and comfort
  • Medial pump-up air bladder for adjustable, customizable compression


  • Heavy and very comfortable
  • Velcro strap above the ankle needs continual readjustment
  • The heel is uncomfortable and rigid

Ranking on Amazon should be better than posted for one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery bar none. Where quality and protection for post-op surgeries are a concern, these CAM short post-op boots always deliver.

You have come this far, so take a moment to review the last two post-op shoes/boots in this review.

9. Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle

Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle

CAM (Controlled Ankle Movement) boots remain a favorite selection of all the available post-operative boots on the market.

These boots offer medial ankle support for soft tissue injuries and fractures that require an extended healing period.

The inflatable air bladder provides a comfort level for customized compression of your foot and ankle, increasing stability and healing, decreasing swelling. The comfortable foam liner with convenient hook and loop fastening is a perfect combination for the most comfortable fit.

The quick-release air valve assists in finding the desired compression levels throughout the rehabilitation process. Lightweight construction is designed to protect and treat a variety of post-op procedures anywhere immobilization of your foot is recommended.

The additional air bladders on each side of your ankle provide extra relief when needed. Push the red bulb to inflate to the desired comfort level. To deflate, push in the pin under the red bulb to your preferred comfort level. It is as simple as that.


  • Lightweight, supportive and durable boot construction
  • Accommodates different swelling patterns for all foot surgeries
  • The short overall height allows for a less bulky inconspicuous look in public
  • Designed for grade two and three sprains and stable, non-operative fractures
  • Boot construction allows walking with the most sensitive of foot injuries


  • No padding or support at the heel
  • Poor positioning of the air release valve
  • Velcro strapping deteriorates rapidly

Unfortunately, these boots rank at a relatively low rating on Amazon. There appear to be some quality issues that need immediate correction.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or ankle fixation foot drop, you will want to read the following review carefully.

10. Ankle Brace Fixation Shoe

Ankle Brace Fixation Shoe

Ankle fixation, Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles Tendonitis are some of the most painful foot conditions that are prevalent today. These shoes are designed to cover a wide range of severe foot conditions that continue to plague millions of individuals every day.

These specialized shoes initially designed for the treatment of dorsal sprains have achieved remarkable success in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis syndrome. These shoes provide the support for ankle fixation, the surgical repair of broken ankle bones.

Experience the soft inner cloth fabric of these shoes, which is exceptionally comfortable and breathable. The revised adjustable hook and loop closure benefits all who seek a better fit for an increased comfort level.

The overall size and height of these shoes are somewhat alarming. The complexity of wearing these boots appears to be slightly confusing for patients that are less inclined to buy a boot that requires additional forethought. These boots also give the appearance of being extremely heavy and cumbersome.


  • Sole ankle brace aids in the recovery from ligament injuries
  • Very good shoes required for postoperative immobilization
  • High-density exterior shell for increased ankle and foot protection
  • Wider outsole for increased traction and stability when walking
  • Maintains neutral positioning of your foot for better comfort and healing


  • Heavy, awkward and hard to walk while wearing
  • Feet get hot and sweaty with poor air circulation
  • Boots are too tall decreasing mobility

A less than stellar ranking on Amazon with only a few consumer reviews available.

Take a few moments to review all the information provided in this review on the 10 Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery of 2022. Share this information with friends or colleagues that are considering foot surgery, which will help them to make a more formidable decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Post-Op Shoe?

A. Post-op shoes are specially designed shoes to wear after foot surgery. They are specifically configured to open up to comfortably fit the foot into the shoes, allowing easy access of the foot to check on bandages.

The shoe will act like a “bumper” to prevent injury when walking, and usually have a rigid sole, so the surgical site does not move and flex, causing trauma and swelling. When wearing a post-op shoe, it is a good idea to wear footwear with the same lift or height on the opposite foot to balance out the leg length and prevent back pain.

Q. What is the purpose of a walking boot?

A. A walking boot is a type of medical shoe used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. The boot is a valuable part of your recovery process that allows you some mobility; however, may be somewhat restrictive. A walking boot helps to keep your foot immobilized, stable, and comfortable while reducing pressure on your surgically repaired foot.

Post-op-boots or shoes take the place of cumbersome and outdated casts. Your specialized post-op shoes feature specific design, technology, and features that will get you back on the road to recovery with minimal time lying on the couch.

Q. How Should I Wear a Post-Op Shoe?

A. Recovering from foot surgery does not happen overnight. The healing process is dependent on the individual. Post-op shoes help you to get up and walk and get on the road to recovery. Post-op shoes are not only for foot surgery patients. These specialized shoes are also ideal for many other foot conditions, from fractures to broken bones.

The post-op shoes should be worn with a sock. The Velcro straps should be pulled snug but not overly tight to your preferred comfort level.

Q. What should I look for when checking on my foot at home after surgery?

A. During the day, your specialized post-op shoes should be removed twice a day to inspect the skin. Slight redness of the skin is normal and not a cause for concern. This redness typically lasts for fifteen minutes. Persistent redness of the skin is a sign of too much pressure applied to your foot. Adjust your post-op shoe as needed.

If a tingling sensation numbness, excessive itching, color change of the foot, pain, or swelling is apparent, call your doctor immediately. Itching is the most common symptom experienced by most post-op foot surgery patients and is a sign of the healing process.

Q. Can I drive with a post-op shoe/boot or removable cast?

A. Never. Driving with a post-op shoe or boot is not only dangerous but illegal. Removable casts are for your convenience and should be left in place to support your foot and to aid in the healing process. Even if your vehicle has an automatic transmission, driving while wearing a post-op boot or shoe may put you right back in the hospital.


Post-operative foot care is required to prevent additional surgery complications. Your feet are one of the most sensitive and vital parts of your body. Surgical wounds on your feet take time to heal correctly. The best shoes after foot surgery prevent infections and stiffening of the muscles around your foot and ankle bones.

Specialized post-op footwear accelerates the process of recovery while reducing pain and discomfort levels. These specially designed boots/shoes relieve pressure on the surgery area of your foot, allowing you to walk naturally.

There is much post-operative specialized footwear on the market. Each is designed to accommodate different areas of foot injuries from broken bones to more severe cases requiring foot surgery. These shoe/boots are bigger and fitted with a lift that will require some patience when walking.

Speed up recovery and take a step in the right direction with the appropriate post-op footwear.

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