The 10 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis of 2022

According to research by APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), 8 out of 10 Americans have experienced foot pain. The report went further to indicate that those with chronic foot disorders are also likely to feel pain from other conditions such as arthritis, knee pain, eyesight problems, and back pain.

Crazy enough, people tend to ignore plantar fasciitis, thinking it’s just temporary pain that comes and goes on its own. You may be right about the symptoms showing up and then receding, but you are certainly wrong about the normalizing condition.

Let’s back up a little bit…

What exactly is plantar fasciitis?

This is a foot problem that is characterized by a sharp stabbing heel pain. This pain comes about due to overtaxed plantar fascia muscles that stretch from the heel to the ball of the foot. If neglected, plantar fasciitis opens the gates to other pain-inflicting conditions such as back pain and knee aches.
So who is highly predisposed? Anyone who exercises a lot-runners, trainers, and workout gurus-are on the frontline. This condition is also age-related and, therefore, common in folks over 40 years. Improper gait, pronounced arch, overweight issues, and bad shoes are culprits too.

So as you can see, having the right footwear is the best and most affordable way to deal with this condition. That is why this article singles out for you some of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

If for some reason, you’ll find it hard to read to the end, check out our top recommendation- OOFOS – Unisex OOriginal Sport – Post Exercise Sandal. It is well-cushioned, lightweight, podiatrist-designed, and massively recommended by previous buyers.

For those interested in looking at a wide array of amazing options, let’s keep scrolling.

Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

NamePriceMade ofSole
OOFOS - Unisex OOriginal Sport - Post Exercise SandalCheck PriceSyntheticSynthetic
Mephisto Women's Helen Thong SandalsCheck PriceLeatherSynthetic
Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather SandalCheck PriceSyntheticSynthetic
Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post SandalCheck PriceLeather & SyntheticTPR
Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support SandalsCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Taos Footwear Women's Trulie Leather SandalCheck PriceLeather & SyntheticSynthetic
ECCO - Women’s Yucatan Outdoor SandalCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Spenco Men's Yumi Leather SandalCheck PriceLeather & SyntheticSynthetic
KEEN Women's Rose SandalCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Dansko Women's Sophie SandalCheck PriceSuedeSynthetic

Here is an entire list of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis:

1. OOFOS – Unisex OOriginal Sport – Post Exercise Sandal

OOFOS - Unisex OOriginal Sport - Post Exercise Sandal

Meet the one sandal that offers sneaker-level comfort- OOFOS Unisex Sports Recovery Thong Sandal. As the name indicates, this is a post-exercise sandal that you slide after a long day of exhausting workouts. So yes-it offers athletic grade comfort.

The most iconic part of this sandal is the midsole. It’s robustly thickened with OOfoam recovery technology that performs 37% better at absorbing impact than traditional midsoles. So while its bulky styling could disappoint some people, this sandal does fit the bill for tender feet conditions.

Besides the thick midsole construction, it’s topped up with a patented footbed that cradles your feet for a warmer, proper fit. This in turn, boosts stability and arch support. For convenience, OOFOS Unisex Sports Recovery Thong Sandal is machine washable. Since it comes in whole sizes, those with halves are recommended to ignore them by downsizing.

Noteworthy features

  • Synthetic sole and top
  • Patented footbed
  • Thick OOfoam midsole
  • Machine washable
  • Come in full sizes
  • Thong styled


  • Extremely padded to ease Plantar fasciitis, knee, calf, and lower back pains
  • Available in affordable choices
  • Stability enhancing design
  • Promotes natural foot motion
  • Machine washable


  • Bulky design
  • The color is painted and comes off

The stunning biomechanics of OOFOS Unisex Sports Recovery Thong Sandal makes it versatile for dealing with a myriad of foot problems. It’s designed to address stability and foot realignment as well. Made from synthetics, its flexibility is of unquestionable standards. So if all you care about is top-grade comfort, then this sandal deserves your attention.

2. Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals

Mephisto Women's Helen Thong Sandals

With cork footbed and rubber outsole, Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals try to give you the durability of Birkenstocks but with the flexibility of pure foam or rubber slip-on. On top of that, it incorporates Mephisto soft-air technology, which works hand in hand with the rubber outsole to drive up comfort.

The top calfskin leather is soft and designed in an attractive thong styling for easy on and off. There is an additional strap that runs across the feet for a secure fit. The absence of the rear strap is a nice idea considering plantar fasciitis attacks mostly the heel.

Mephisto is not a new kid on the block. Their products, this one included, are some of the most comfortable in the footwear world. Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandal runs small, so you are advised to go a full size up.

Noteworthy features

  • Calfskin leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Thong styling
  • Cork footbed
  • Contoured footbed


  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Proper arch support
  • Contoured for stable performance
  • Totally flexible
  • Ideal for any feet shape


  • Yes, they are good but a little pricey

There is a reason why Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals cost a bit more. Like Birkenstock, these sandals have a longer lifespan, and they offer incredible comfort, support, and stability. In fact, one reviewer specifically said this ‘try these before you buy Birkenstocks.’ This and all other thousands of 5-star reviews indicate that the sandal is worth it’s salt.

3. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

May not have the sleekest looks in the world, but Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal remains to be a top recommendation among many people. Over 10k reviews on multiple platforms, we must agree there is some awesomeness to it.

Design-wise, this slip-on boasts of a synthetic outsole and toppers that can withstand tough use for many years. This is actually one of the selling points of Birkenstock products-they have a penchant for sticking around until you there is no more juice to squeeze out of them.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal is the ultimate arch support partner. With a contoured footbed, all the edges of your feet get hugged, and the raised or flat arches completely enclosed. This allows you to walk normally, which in turn brings some relief to the plantar fascia muscles.

Because of its unisex design, this sandal is a money saver-whoever it fits can wear it, and that is amazing, to say the least. When it comes to color choices, there is a busload of them-literally.

Noteworthy feature

  • Noteworthy feature
  • Slip-on sandals
  • Synthetic top
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Contoured cork footbed
  • Unisex


  • Stability enhancing footbed
  • Comfortable
  • Can fit any feet type because of the contoured design
  • Lasts very long compared to most sandals
  • Unisex and thus useful to all adult members of a family


  • Inconsistent quality

Coming from a company that has been the center of the sandals for decades, Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal is the real deal. Truly simple yet what it does for your pain is boundless. As long as you use it properly, this sandal can last well over 5 years

4. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Post Sandal

Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal

Wow, Just wow. Those are not our words. They are words of one of the recent reviewers of Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal. Crazy enough, there are thousands of reviews for this sandal, and over 80 of them are 5-stars.

So the question is, why so much praise? First, it’s made from soft leather and suede upper, which is so smooth on sore feet. This top comes in two layers to ensure the outsole withstands some long time of frequent use.

For those with plantar fasciitis, Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal brings them a bouncy, impact-absorbing EVA midsole. On top of that, the footbed is podiatrist-inspired with a deep heel cup for improving stability and support.

Being a thong style, this sandal is head-ache free to put on and remove. It arrives in multiple eye-popping colors so you can get your favorite choice.

Noteworthy features

  • Leather and synthetic top
  • TPR outsole
  • EVA midsole
  • Deep heel cup
  • Podiatrist-designed
  • Thong style


  • Available in many attractive colors
  • Comfortable enough to relieve heel pain
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Amazing arch support


  • No serious quality issues

Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal is a product designed specifically to deal with feet pain. In fact, the footbed is podiatrist-inspired to fit properly and comfort the arch zones. It is a stellar collection to have in your shoe rack.

5. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

Footminders Baltra Unisex Orthopedic Sandal also stands out as some of the most plushy and well-styled sandals for plantar fasciitis. As an orthopedic gear, we can clearly assert that this is for those with extreme expectations-because it’s going to meet (and probably surpass them.

This thong-style sandal comes to the rescue of those with abnormal feet shape and pronounced arch support. Everyone can wear it irrespective of whether you have low, high arches or flat feet. The essence of the deep heel cup, on the other hand, is to cradle your feet and improve stability.

Footminders Baltra Unisex Orthopedic Sandals derive comfort from the anatomically molded footbed. The footbed helps to absorb impact with the EVA midsole, which relieves you of unnecessary pain that can get in the way of your work. There are also some small circular bumps on the footbed that offer a relaxing massage to your feet.

One of the biggest merits of this sandal is its versatility. Its attractive styling makes it appealing for any occasion from neighborhood strolls to urban cruising. Note that the size comes in full measurements. So if you usually wear size 6.5, you are recommended to go for size 7.

Noteworthy features

  • Synthetic and leather top
  • Rubber outsole
  • Anatomically molded footbed
  • EVA midsole
  • Thong-style flip-flops
  • Deep heel cup


  • Very plushy
  • Superb arch support
  • A marvelous design
  • Versatile enough to handle any outdoor cruise
  • Enhanced lateral stability
  • Podiatrist-designed


  • No worrisome quality issues

Footminders Baltra Unisex Orthopedic Sandal is another safe bet for those who want sandals that strictly address plantar fasciitis. It is a podiatrist design that is truly versatile and, above all, well accepted by its buyers. By the way, it is often recommended by chiropractors and podiatrists themselves.

6. Taos Footwear Women’s Trulie Leather Sandal

Taos Footwear Women's Trulie Leather Sandal

For women, style and comfort are like macaroni and cheese; you can’t have one without the other. One of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis that can offer you that is Taos Footwear Women’s Trulie Leather Sandal.

This sandal is designed to provide the perfect balance through a foot stabilizing contoured footbed. You will no longer have to worry about losing your foothold. The leather straps on top help to achieve a proper customizable fit and locks the heel in place thus curbing unnecessary heel movements that excite plantar fascia muscles.

Taos Footwear Women’s Trulie Leather Sandal is richly embellished with soft fabrics, intricate stitching, and a playful embroidery that captures passersby’s attention. And you are not just limited to black, brown, or any other ordinary color-there are so many options to go crazy with.

Noteworthy features

  • Multiple colors
  • Synthetic sole
  • Suede footbed
  • Contoured footbed
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Lightweight design


  • Runs true to size
  • Secures the heel in place for a better fit
  • Offers metatarsal support
  • Lightweight design
  • Amazing embroidery with playful patterns
  • Easy adjustability


  • The straps could use a little more padding. Other than that, no deal-breaking issues

If you want a sandal that dries up your good looks without compromising comfort, Taos Footwear Women’s Trulie Leather Sandal is the package to go for. The rating and reviews so far are reassuring. Go check this gem out.

7. ECCO – Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Sandal

ECCO - Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Sandal

You cannot face the outdoors with zeal and boldness, knowing your heel spurs are likely to kick in any minute. But with ECCO Women’s Yucatan Hiking Sandal, all those limits vaporize instantly.

This is an off-road sandal with long-lasting leather and textile toppers. With three Velcro straps, you can achieve any fit you want-whether that is too tight or loose. Conveniently, the strap at the heel is detached, so you can let it loose if your heel is too sensitive.

ECCO Women’s Yucatan Hiking Sandal features a flexible and bouncy rubber outsole to cater to extreme plantar fasciitis pain. On top of the sole lies a fairly thick rubber midsole and EVA footbed that not only provides a soft hug but cushions the feet from too much impact. A couple of reviews indicate that its arch support is sufficient, and you may not need an insole.

In comparison to many sandals for plantar fasciitis, we find this one to be among those with an eye-candy design. The only issue is that there are very few colors and designs available.

Noteworthy features

  • Leather and textile uppers
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA footbed
  • Molded footbed


  • Well-cushioned footbed
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible
  • Superior arch support
  • Mostly true to size
  • Styled for fashion-loving modern men


  • No serious issues so far

ECCO Women’s Yucatan Hiking Sandal sports supreme cushioning that can ease your plantar fasciitis spikes. It doesn’t carry a lot of weight and flexes smoothly. This pair is also great for elderlies with worn-out muscles.

8. Spenco Men’s Yumi Leather Sandal

Spenco Men's Yumi Leather Sandal

If you are a minimalist to the bone, then the ideal of many bells and whistles on a sandal appalls you. For this reason, we decided to include Spenco Men’s Yumi Leather Sandal.

Despite appearing thin in structure, this sandal comes with orthotic-grade arch support, deep heel cup, and a metatarsal dome. These are the core features that define great footwear that helps with plantar fasciitis.

ECCO Women’s Yucatan Hiking Sandal goes so far ahead to include Ultra-fresh antimicrobial technology, so you don’t have to deal with odor problems. Thanks to the zero drop, you can enjoy better contact with the ground.

Noteworthy features

  • Leather and synthetic
  • Metatarsal dome
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Ultra-fresh antimicrobial element
  • Zero-drop design
  • Orthotic-grade arch support


  • A lightweight sandal
  • Orthotic-grade arch support
  • An affordable purchase
  • Consists of odor management technology
  • Cups the heel for improved stability


  • Some reviewers feel it needs more support

With extreme minimalistic looks, ECCO Women’s Yucatan Hiking Sandal brings you comfort and supreme arch support in a lightweight package. It is ideal for those who are not looking to spend beyond $50 on a sandal. So far, most of the previous buyers have nothing to regret about purchasing this footwear.

9. KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

KEEN Women's Rose Sandal

If you are looking for comfort, style, and functionality, then Keen Women’s Rose Sandal is one of those examples that you are dreaming about. Previous buyers indicate that they couldn’t resist buying because of its splendid beauty.

The first thing you need to understand is that this sandal took on a women-specific form. This means it will fit a vast number of women. It boasts of a tough fabric top with a quick-dry lining so it can repel water as fast as possible.

Unlike other open design women sandals for plantar fasciitis, this one is fairly enclosed yet still immensely breathable. There is only a single hook and loop closure strap running across the top with another one securing the heel. This is the only part of this sandal with issues as some people find the straps to be inflexible and tight.

Regarding comfort, Keen Women’s Rose Sandal holds nothing back. You get a flexible rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs for superior grip on wet and slippery surfaces. A compression-molded EVA midsole together with non-removable EVA footbed ramps up impact absorption capabilities. There is a toe bumper to protect your toes in case your eyes don’t see stumbling agents on the road.

Noteworthy features

  • Rubber outsole
  • Quick-dry lining
  • Non-removable EVA footbed
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Women-specific foot form design
  • Toe safety


  • Toe bumper safety
  • Pros superior grip from the multi-directional lugs
  • Unmatched comfort thanks to the EVA reinforcement
  • Water-resistant uppers with a quick-drying capability
  • Provides sufficient arch support
  • Plenty of cool color choices


  • The sandal is okay but the straps seem to be shorter for some people. Others wished it could be adjustable of made out of elastic material

From the beach to the city and wherever you want to go, Keen Women’s Rose Sandal can get you there. Constructed in a military-grade styling, this is one of those sandals that defy all odds and keep you matching-no pain, no wetness, and no discomfort. If this kind of quality and versatility tickles your happy spots, then this 5-star sandal will totally do.

10. Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal

Dansko Women's Sophie Sandal

Dansko is a reputable maker of some of the best everyday shoes. Whether you are a nurse, a vet, or a teacher, this brand has something for you. For those dealing with plantar fasciitis, a worthwhile option is Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal.

Styled to fit the needs and desires of a modern lady, Sophie sandal is an award-winning product, and APMA certified for promoting better feet health. With a heel height of 2.2,’’ those who prefer raised shoes can find this footwear to be a fair replacement as it keeps their tiptop fashion looks but with additional comfort.

As an orthopedic shoe, Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal boasts of an impact-absorbing midsole, forepart insert, and a Dry-lex sockliner for all-day comfort. Despite spotting a bigger midsole, this sandal is lightweight and easy to slip on or off whenever you want to splay your toes more. Its design offers better arch support for those with mild arch issues.

Here is the awesome part; this sandal can complement virtually any clothing in your wardrobe and can also accompany you to both official and formal events-pretty versatile, don’t you think? There are multiple color choices for your choosing.

Noteworthy features

  • Synthetic sole
  • Suede top
  • Dry-lex sockliner
  • Forepart insert
  • Lightweight construction
  • Leather uppers
  • Foam midsole


  • Wicks away moisture
  • Super bouncy for shock absorption
  • Easy on and off slip-on
  • Lightweight and fairly long-lasting
  • Multiple radiant color choices
  • Ideal for any outdoor event-apart from workouts


  • Not true to size. Most people went a size up

Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal is among the best arch support shoes with extreme versatility. It can practically accompany you to many places-except during workouts. The support, comfort, and shock-absorption it offers can help those dealing with plantar fasciitis resume their normal operations.

Things to Consider While Buying Plantar Fasciitis Sandals

As we have discussed already, Plantar Fasciitis and other forms of heel spurs can impact your quality of life. This means, unlike other shoes, you must pay extra attention to all the features of a plantar fasciitis sandal before checking out. To make your work easier, here is a brief list of all the things you need to consider:


Let’s make this clear; sandals are casual footwear that people don while resting or strolling around the neighborhood. Therefore, you cannot expect them to have the rich padding you spot in sneakers. Nevertheless, the footbed needs to be soft-probably with an ortholite for extra impact absorption.

Some sandals include things like soft leather and EVA outsole. These are common features and should not affect the price a lot.


You should learn to be cautious with the design of sandals because it can affect their efficiency. First and foremost, you must prioritize those with a deep heel cup because they offer proper stability and arch support. A contoured footbed, together with the cupped heel, foster a proper fit, especially for those with flat or abnormally shaped feet.

What sandal style do you like? Would you like to have your heel secured by a heel strap, or do you prefer slip-on? Do you find adjustable buckle straps ideal or simple Velcro fabric closures? There are also those with crisscrossing straps that don’t need to be secured.

While the design is all about preference, there are a few things that can restrict you from wearing anything and everything. For instance, a painful heel means no strap is going around it. Furthermore, if your skin is extremely inflamed, the top needs to be adjustable so you can release some pressure. To cut to the chase, think about your feet ‘condition before making a move.

Arch support

Not all sandals are designed to offer arch support. Some are totally flat with no meaty substance, and we would advise you to avoid them. Birkenstocks in particular, are some of the best sandals with arch support for plantar fasciitis. Very few brands can beat them at this.

How do you tell which sandals offer the best arch support for plantar fasciitis? It’s simple. Look for deep heels and contoured footbeds. Such footwear follows the shape of your feet, resulting in an impeccable fit that doesn’t expose the arches.


It’s possible that most sandals, being slip-on, don’t carry a lot of weight. You really don’t want to wear a heavy sandal for someone with heel spurs and other foot problems. However, this doesn’t mean narrowing down to minimalistic versions.

Ability to customize

It might not mean a lot to other people but when you have heel spurs, your feet become unpredictable. One minute you feel okay the next you don’t. So having a removable footbed is a good thing. At least you can upgrade or downgrade it with a desirable replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about plantar fasciitis sandals:

Q. Are Birkenstock sandals good for plantar fasciitis?

A. Yes, Birkenstocks are massively recommended for those who are looking for fast recovery of plantar fasciitis. This is because their footbed consists of a soft orthotic-like layer that massages the foot while absorbing the impact. These sandals also happen to be contoured. This is a feature that improves support, stability, and arch support.

Q. Are Taos Sandals good for plantar fasciitis?

A. Taos makes a wide variety of sandals and some of them like Taos Women’s Trulie are padded and contoured to offer arch support and proper cushioning. Furthermore, their products are lightweight and come with removable footbeds so you can improve them with advanced alternatives.

Q. Does wearing flip flops cause plantar fasciitis?

A. Most flip flops are thin and come in zero drop designs. So basically they offer very little support and comfort for those with painful feet conditions. However, for those with normal feet conditions or strengthened joints and muscles, wearing flip flops may have little to no consequences.

Q. Are Crocs good for plantar fasciitis?

Crocs and clogs are fashionable not because of looks but practicality. Most of them outshine conventional shoes in comfort and arch support. Even better, clogs and flip flops can stay on your feet to heal while indoors or outdoors. However, for the best results, those with plantar fasciitis are advised to choose the orthopedic types.

Tips: How to Minimize Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Whether you are in a mild or advanced stage of plantar fasciitis, there will come a time when the pain persists despite wearing the right shoes. When that moment comes, you need to resort to other ways of easing plantar fasciitis pain. Here are a few ways to deal with it:

Use ice

You have seen in the movies injured people using ice all the time. It can also be used to treat heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Simply place an ice pack on your heel and let it sit there for approximately 15-20 minutes. Do this 4-5 times a day, and you’ll start to feel the changes.


Plantar fasciitis pain can be mitigated through frequent exercises. The common ones are toe curls and ankle circles. Any other exercise that stretches your calf muscles, plantar fascia and Achilles tendon will do the trick too. While at this, try not to overdo as that might aggravate your pain rather than toning it down.

Heel protection

Plantar fasciitis results due to a strained heel. So having custom or any suitable orthotic in the shoe can protect from the heel from direct impact.

Last but not least, rest. Taking some time off your feet literally takes the load away, and this in itself is therapeutic. If none of these techniques help, then it might be time to see a clinician so they can suggest a better way to fix your pain problem.

Wrap up

Sandals are extremely versatile shoes. After a long day at work, you might need them to unwind or move around. However, if you have mild to advanced foot problems, then you need to prioritize the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

These shoes are usually generously padded with flexible outsoles so you don’t strain with your strides. And just because these products are meant for healing purposes doesn’t mean they should look meh. Types like Vionic Tide II, Mephisto Women’s Thong Sandals, and OOFOS Post Exercise feature stylish designs that make you feel good about yourself.

It’s time to take charge of your life. Do not let plantar fasciitis or any other pain take your active years away from you. All it takes is investing in proper shoes, and you’ll never have to think about foot surgery. Those who (unfortunately) has been under the knife and looking to recover quickly, check out our guide on the best shoes to wear after foot surgery.

Happy shopping!

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