The 7 Best Pointe Shoes of 2022

Every ballerina agrees that the right dancing shoes not only helps avoid injuries; they also help to boost the dancer’s confidence levels.

The perfect ballerina shoes will improve your poise and carriage and at the same time, offer comfort and stability.

In other words, dancing on the tip of your toes require the right footwear, so you don’t end up with broken toes and sprained ankles.

To help you get the perfect fit for the best price, we have embarked on thorough market research to discover the best Pointe shoes.

This article will unveil the 7 most sought after pointe shoes of 2022 based on design, price, functionality, brand, and added features.

Our in-depth research has shown that the Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe Shoe stand tall among all Pointe shoes reviewed, making it the top pick for those that want quality at a great price.

What to Look out for Before Buying Pointe Shoes


To get the best out of a ballerina shoe, it is a must to have a pointe feature that gives the perfect fit since the bulk of your dance routine is on your toes.

You must be able to twist and turn without fear of falling on your feet or suffering from swollen toes and feet while moving every part of your body.

A snug fit should not come with discomfort and pain but should be a result of owning a pair of pointe shoes that has the right features that suit the shape of your feet.

Essential features to achieve a great fit include the wings, shoes, and vamp length. Also important are the position and quality of the shank, heels, toe box, and proper alignment with the shape of your feet.


In Ballet dancing, the exact foot positioning requires balance and comfortability when ‘en pointe.’

Since pointe shoes are not known to give any support to the foot and ankle, you must buy one with the right support for your arch to prevent falls that are harmful to your feet and leg.

Always consider a Pointe shoe with a durable shank density. The shank makes up the sole of the shoe.

The quality of the material used in making the shank will determine how firm the support it gives to you will be in a bid to make you comfortable when balancing on your toes.

The size of the platform also aids the dancer’s comfort; this portion must be wide to balance – especially if it is a tapered shoe.

Toe box

The needed support for the toes is from the toe box. This section serves as a cover for the toes.

A pointe shoe that has a toe box that will withstand the impending wear and tear is essential to protect the toes.

The toe box is usually made of cardboard or paper and burlap mixed with glue. This section gets soften during the break-in process to make the foot conform to the shoe.

As such, it does not last long because it deteriorates with frequent use.

A Pointe shoe with a toe box that has thick and sturdy layers is recommended. This feature protects the toes and front foot from unpredictable injuries.

Flexible sole

The transition from demi-pointe to pointe depends on how flexible the sole of the pointe shoe is and whether it is a split-sole or full sole.

The strength of your ankles must suit the type of sole you decide to choose. Such a sole should not be too rigid or too flexible.

To achieve pointe, you should be able to bend your foot, and the sole should connect with the instep.

The sole can be leather, canvas, or suede. Whichever it is, it must be flexible enough to break-in without having issues of sore toes.

The sole must have the right amount of traction to boost confidence while performing to the thrill of the audience.

Whatever the sole type you choose, it must make the arches as flexible as possible.

Best Pointe Shoes

NamePriceMade ofSole
Capezio Women's 176 Contempora Pointe ShoeCheck PriceSatinLeather
Bloch Women's European Balance Pointe ShoeCheck PriceSatinLeather
Capezio Ava Pointe ShoeCheck PriceSatinLeather
Russian Pointe Rubin Pointe ShoesCheck PriceSatinLeather
KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe ShoesCheck PriceSatinLeather
Wendy Wu Girls Womens Pink Ballet PointeCheck PriceSatinThick Paper
Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe ShoesCheck PriceSatinLeather

Can any other one match such high quality? Let’s find out!

1. Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe Shoe

Capezio Women's 176 Contempora Pointe Shoe

Known for innovative craftmanship, Capezio keeps churning out designs meant to keep ballerinas graceful when dancing “en pointe.”

The shank used in this masterpiece is designed to give support to the arch, ensuring that the dancer’s heels are safe from injuries.

It gets its elegant look from the 100% satin material that is sourced from the best materials out there.
With its soft cotton interior, your comfort is guaranteed while not neglecting the high platform, which gives balance and stability when on a barre.

You’ll get the right balance, thanks to the broad-feathered box. This feature is an essential criterion for dancing ballet.

Top Features

  • 100% Satin material
  • Leather outer sole
  • Shank
  • U-throat
  • Tapered toe
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Medium vamp


  • It has a broad feathered box to maintain balance on toes
  • The shank gives medium support
  • The U-throat will provide you with a graceful look
  • It has a stitched pleating to absorb sounds
  • You can get it in children sizes
  • It is an excellent pointe shoe for tapered toes or wide forefoot
  • It is excellent quality at an affordable price


  • The shank is not too strong

If you want a comfortable and sturdy pointe shoe that is not hard to the break-in, Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe Shoe fits for the role.

It is a high-quality dance shoe that is suitable for all kinds of ballet dance steps.

Do you want to complement your ballet shoes with a pair of footwear to suit all other kinds of dance steps – when you feel like challenging yourself further? Check out this link.

2. Bloch Women’s European Balance Pointe Shoe

Bloch Women's European Balance Pointe Shoe

A beautiful collection handmade from every ladies’ favorite shoe brand, Bloch, gives the ballerina feeling of being able to stay on their toes 24/7.

The shank is sturdy and stays in contact with your instep, providing the necessary protection to the toes.

You get a secure and snug fit because there is no space for your toes within the tapered box.
This pair has a broad platform that allows for even distribution of weight which will, in turn, reduce extended stress on the metatarsals.

With its thin outsole and wide platform, your feet stay on the dancefloor without fear of falling or tripping.

Top Features

  • 100% satin
  • Tapered box
  • Diagonal side seam
  • U-shaped vamp
  • Leather outsole
  • Flexible and medium shank strength
  • Curved last shape
  • Full-length soles


  • It is an excellent pointe shoe for low-arched foot dancers
  • You can get a snug fit with the elastic drawstring
  • Presence of a heel seam cushion to reduce the creasing of the material.
  • There is a gel insert under the big toe for protection from injury
  • It has a wide toe box to help with balancing while “en pointe.”


  • The shank breaks after a few wears

In any case, it is a fabulous ballerina shoe since the low profile on the footwear means the leg line enjoys perfect continuation.

Beginners and professionals will find Bloch Women’s European Balance Pointe Shoe a brilliant choice among the best pointe dance shoes in the market.

It has features that ensure the toes receive the right protection.

3. Capezio Ava Pointe Shoe

Capezio Ava Pointe Shoe

The Capezio brand is a master when it comes to designing Pointe Shoes. Their designers work with dancers to create fabulous pieces that blend with the contour of their own feet.

Thanks to dozens of pointe shoe reviews, we can confirm that the Ava pointe is a premium shoe in a class of its own.

You enjoy the flexibility it offers your arch with its red leather board shank and the presence of the slight ‘U’ shaped throat.

The balance and stability you need at the barre are in place, offered by the wide and high platform.

The adjustable tapered heel and drawstring ensure that it fits the feet correctly.

Top Features

  • Satin upper
  • Medium/moderate vamp
  • 2.5” leather board
  • Short leather outsole
  • U-shaped throat
  • Light pasted feathered wings
  • Narrow heel with a low crown
  • It is excellent quality at a great price


  • It has an anti-slip interior lining
  • It has a broad square toe to give support and structure to it
  • It is great for a broad footing
  • It has a satin elastic drawstring to get a perfect fitting
  • There is a removable gel cushion to provide comfort


  • It dies fast

With its shank lined with pink suede and the scored motif ribbon at the ball of the foot, you get the right traction when performing a routine.

Capezio Ava Pointe Shoe is for a ballerina with a broad shaped foot and is comfortable with a soft shank. You can stand on your toes with this Pointe shoe.

If you do not dance every day, this should be a great piece to have in your collection.

4. Russian Pointe Rubin Pointe Shoes

Russian Pointe Rubin Pointe Shoes

The versatility of the Russian Rubin has made it a popular choice among ballerinas because it caters to different variants of foot shapes.

Its tapered box, combined with a low crown and wide platform, makes it possible to fit all foot shapes.

You can maintain graceful movements with the use of long-lasting shanks to get the right support.

The time for a break-in is not long because the arch is noticeable through the pre-arched construction, which depicts feet that is ‘en pointe.

Top Features

  • Non-slip leather soles
  • “U” or “V” cut in the shape
  • Sleek heelwork
  • Low crown
  • Wide toe platform
  • Hard shank


  • A sleek pleat-less toe platform to reduce noise on stage
  • It has a fuller heel shape for feet with less taper from the metatarsal area to the heel
  • The shanks are strong enough to provide durability and flexibility
  • The pre-arch shape makes it last longer
  • It helps reduce pressure on the front foot of ballerinas with a high arch
  • Great value for money spent


  • It does not come with ribbons

With the excellent quality of Russian Pointe Rubin Pointe Shoes, beginners and children will enjoy a great pair even as rookies.

It is effortless to reach full pointe for ballerinas with low arches because of the pre-arched shape, which helps in pointework.

5. KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes

KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes

If you love to attract attention when performing, then you will be glad to own a pair of one of the best pointe shoes of the year.

The quality of the material used is perfect, soft, and comfortable.

It gives the desired balance required to be at your best while swirling on the dance floor on your toes.

It is an excellent pointe shoe for beginners, given that the shank used for the bottom is hard enough to provide the needed support to stand on the toes.

Top Features

  • Silk satin
  • High-quality cellulose and hard bottom
  • Hard shank
  • PROS:
  • The package is inclusive of toepads
  • Due to its glamorous look, it can serve as a costume for home decoration and photography sessions
  • It is soft and smooth to break-in
  • It will help you well during practice
  • The price is as good as the quality


  • Irregular sizes
  • It is too wide for narrow feet

Children and teenagers can spin and leap around in this pointe shoe because of the softness and glimmer used to manufacture the fabric.

KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes gives comfort without compromising on quality since comfort is vital to a ballerina either during practice or at a professional level.

6. Wendy Wu Girls Womens Pink Ballet Pointe

Wendy Wu Girls Womens Pink Ballet Pointe

Are you in need of a glamorous looking but cheap pair of Pointe Shoes? The Wendy Wu brand is available to give you that and much more.

This ballerina shoe is made with satin or canvas material, resulting in durability and comfort that makes your ballet sessions fun and stress-free.

As a neophyte ballet dancer, worrying less about toes or ankle injuries that may lead to surgeries is the reason this pair is manufactured with the right support and toe protection.

Top Features

  • Silk-blend
  • 100% smooth satin
  • Long-lasting full sole
  • Wear-resistant curved sole
  • High-quality pre-sewn ribbon
  • Medium hard-mid heel shanks
  • Scooped V vamp
  • Solid toe box


  • It has superb support for both newbies and professionals
  • It is suitable for practice sessions
  • It is available in children sizes
  • A shoe bag and gel toe pad are in the package
  • A fast break-in
  • It can serve as props for photoshoots
  • It is available in different colors to match your costumes
  • Affordable price for its level of quality


  • The elastic band is not stretchy

If your feet are medium narrow with high arches, Wendy Wu Girls Women’s Dance Shoe Pink Ballet Pointe has got you covered as it fits well and has sturdy arch support.

It is a lovely gift item for children and teens at birthdays to twirl at home, school practice sessions, or to imitate their favorite ballet star at an event.

7. Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes

Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes

When money is a deciding factor at the point of buying a Pointe shoe, then look no further than the Nexete brand. It is so affordable yet superb.

Affordability is not a bad thing as far as the Nexete ballerina shoe is concerned; the quality of the material used ensures you get value.

It is a gorgeous shoe made with satin upper and leather soles with ribbon ties to achieve an elegant look.

The attractive design draws the attention of the audience to it when you are performing your routines.

If you are yet to perfect the skills and gait required to maintain balance when ‘en pointe,’ the Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes will help you reach that point in your career.

It is a must-have considering the built-in supporting frame to achieve to help you on your dancing journey.

Top Features

  • 100% satin upper
  • Pure Leather sole
  • Wide strength box
  • Strong elastic shank


  • The strong shank provides perfect support
  • It is available in three colors
  • Children sizes are available
  • The affordable price is an advantage when buying pointe shoes to practice in
  • The package is inclusive of a toe pad and ribbon


  • Inconsistent sizes
  • Narrow toe box

Ballet dancers with squared toes will find it a great fit when they wear it with the toe pads.

Its attractiveness and elegant finishing make it an excellent gift for ballet enthusiasts at practice sessions or during a grand ballet performance.

Despite the low price, Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes made the list of 7 best shoes of 2022 due to the features it has to offer which meet the needs of most dancers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When Can a Ballerina Start Dancing ‘en pointe’?

A. Before you start dancing on pointe, you must have been dancing for a while to build up strength on your legs, ankles, and feet to be able to dance standing on your toes.

The recommended age is between 11-13, by which time you would have learned how to manipulate the length of your foot.

A professional trainer will inform you when you are ready to wear a pointe shoe and also when to go on the barre.

Q. How Do You Choose Your First Pointe Shoes?

A. Choosing a Pointe shoe might seem confusing given the diverse brands in the business of manufacturing these shows. As such, you need to select the one that suits your needs, your feet, and level of experience.

The best is to go for a shoe fitting session conducted by a professional fitter or your trainer.

They will use the shape of your foot to determine the right fit based on your toe length, foot flexibility, heel shape, arch height, etc.

Never forget that safety is of the utmost importance when going ‘en pointe,’ so do not neglect quality for affordability in your choice of footwear.

Q. How do you break-in your Pointe Shoes?

A. Your pointe shoes get broken in through constant wearing for practice or professional sessions which should be under the supervision of a professional to prevent bruised and broken toes.

There are different ways to break-in your new pair of pointe shoes.

  • Make use of a hammer to pound on the toe box of the shoe to make it soft.
  • To enable traction and also protect the satin from wearing out fast, stitch the platform of the box.
  • Place the box between a door opening and slam hard.
  • Line the interior of the box with floor wax to prolong the life by molding it.
  • Roughen up the sole with a file by removing the satin from it.

Q. How Do You Take Care of Your Pointe Shoes?

A. With the right treatment, your pointe shoe will last long enough to get value for money well spent.

According to all pointe shoe reviews we came across, do not share your Pointe shoes with others; they are designed to fit your foot shape only.

Airing your pointe shoes to dry after a dance session helps to prevent the build-up of moisture and sweat which will break down the shoe.

Always remove every cushioning such as lambswool and pro pads since they absorb sweat as well.

Keep your Pointe shoes away from the water even if there is a stain or dirt on the body.

You can swap the feet of your Pointe shoes between wears to extend its lifespan since there is no left or right feet.

Buy your right fit at each fitting. An ill-fitting shoe will not last.

Always file and trim your toenails regularly.

Remember, it is not a casual shoe, and you should not wear it too often like everyday street shoes.


The best pointe shoe will do wonders and help you dance to your full potential in a graceful yet elegant manner.

Although choosing to go dancing on your toes is a personal experience, it is not a decision you should make by yourself.

It requires careful planning and consultation with experts before you can get the perfect fit for your feet.

It does not matter how your feet look or feel; there is a brand, design, shape, size, and color that suits what you want per time.

This point is crucial, especially if you are looking for pointe shoes for beginners.

With the research to determine the best 7 Pointe Shoes done this extensive, all you need to do is to know your size, pick your choice and get ‘en pointe.’

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