The 9 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop of 2022

Hip-hop dancing shoes give its wearer an identity of its own due to their attractive designs and stylish looks.

However, picking the right one can be so confusing, a problem many dancers grapple with when browsing for new excellent hip-hop footwear.

With so many brands producing different designs daily, there is bound to be a conflict of emotions in selecting the hip-hop dancing shoes that will reflect your mood and personality.

The essence of this article to simplify the search process by presenting an in-depth analysis of the distinctive features of the 9 best shoes for dancing hip-hop in 2022.

Every one of them has outstanding attributes due to the style and fit.

But, Capezio Women’s Rockit Dancesneaker beat the other’s hands down considering the myriad of positive reviews from users.

Which other amazing shoe made the 2022 list for Hip Hop Dancing category?

Let’s find out now!

Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

NamePriceMade ofSole
Capezio Women's Rockit DancesneakerCheck PriceMesh and SuedeSynthetic
Adidas Originals Women's Superstar ShoeCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Bloch Women's Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance SneakerCheck PriceMesh and SuedeSynthetic
Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000Check Price Leather and MeshPolyurethane
Women's Mesh Jazz Shoes Lady Modern Split-Sole Dance SneakersCheck PriceMeshRubber
Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz SneakerCheck PriceMesh and SuedeSuede
Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult SneakerCheck PriceSyntheticRubber
Reebok Women's Guresu 1.0 Running ShoeCheck PriceTextile and SyntheticRubber
Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low SneakerCheck PriceLeather and SyntheticRubber

1. Capezio Women’s Rockit Dancesneaker

Capezio Women's Rockit Dancesneaker

From the stables of Dancesneaker, which is known for its specialized platform toe, specialized sole and lightweight shoes, comes this unique woman hip-hop dancing shoes.

The use of a lightweight but breathable, firm rubber foam makes it flexible and light on the feet.

This feature makes it easy to display the breaking or popping moves hip-hop demands.

It has a speed looped lacing design that helps gives a snug fit since it is adjustable.

With its perforated arch, there is proper ventilation and breathability for the feet, which prevents the buildup of moisture.

Top Features

  • 100% suede and synthetic mesh material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Non-marking PU outsole
  • Cotton laces
  • Achilles notch
  • Padded collar
  • Built-in flex point


  • Presence of a flat boxed toe for the toe stands
  • It has a split-sole design which aids foot articulation and flexibility
  • The use of vents for air circulation so the feet can breathe well
  • It is available in children sizes
  • It is excellent for high arches as it gives the right arch support


  • Wrong sizes

If you want comfort and stylishness while rocking to hip-hop moves on the dance floor, Capezio Women’s Rockit Dancesneaker with its padded linings will serve you well.

The presence of a contoured EVA footbed to absorb shock means you can slide and glide to your heart content.

You can rock this fabulous shoe for hip-hop dancing to Cardio and Zumba classes too; the exact feature that makes it one of the best shoes for hip hop dancing this year.

2. Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Shoe

Adidas Originals Women's Superstar Shoe

Fashionable and sportive female hip-hop dancers will love to put on a pair of Adidas to enhance their looks while showing off their freestyling skills.

It is trendy, classic and an original inspired from 1970s Basketball staples.

Known for its shell-toe look, smooth leather upper and rounded-off with a rubber cup sole, it is stylish and offers optimal protection for your feet.

Adidas Superstar sneaker is adaptive, making it suitable for hip-hop dancing, fitness classes, and everyday footwear needs.

Top Features

  • Rubber shell toe
  • 100% Leather upper
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Synthetic bold leather stripes
  • Herringbone-patterned rubber cupsole
  • Rubber sole


  • The classic rubber shell toe makes it last long
  • Traction is possible thanks to the rubber cupsole with herringbone-pattern
  • It gives the right arch support for plantar fasciitis and flat feet
  • It has three color variation
  • The lace-up front gives it a snug look


  • Not true to size

When purchasing your pair of Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Shoe, it should be from a reputable online store that stocks original shoes so you can get value and the real deal.

If you love to fit in with the crowd while staying stylish, cute, and retro as you move to the hip-hop beats, this original piece will serve you well considering that it is affordable and comfortable.

3. Bloch Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women's Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Hip-hop professional dancers will find this sneaker a great favorite, given its quality and unique look, which makes it easy to execute smooth moves and spins.

The use of dynamic resistance technology on the split sole helps with shock absorption and provides comfort to the feet through the cushioned heel it is built with.

You will get the best support and great fit for your arch, whether you have narrow or wide feet, thanks to the lace design in place.

Not to worry, Dri-Lex lining used for its manufacture means it is breathable, non-wrinkling, and not susceptible to mildew and odor.

Top Features

  • 100% suede and mesh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Built-in arch support
  • 11/4″ heels
  • ¾” platform
  • Lace-up front


  • It has an elevation and built-in arch support to highlight the arch
  • The use of a light manmade midsole that has air cushion to absorb shock
  • A high-density manmade outsole parted into four to enhance spinning on a spot
  • It is available in girls, ladies, and men’s sizes
  • It is comfortable for people with plantar fasciitis


  • It does not give ankle support
  • The size runs small
  • Bulky sole

The unique features of Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneaker makes it attractive to dancers of other dance styles as it enables them to make different body movement.

The flexibility you need while making your improvised moves on the dance floor is guaranteed by these dance sneakers making it one of the best shoes for Hip-hop dance class.

Does it qualify as one of the best shoes for hip hop dancing of all time? Absolutely!

4. Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000

Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000

This pair is a hip-hop dance shoe that is also suitable for dancing jazz.

It is made with a mixture of breathable mesh and human-made leather.

The insole, alongside the split sole heels, makes it a great option if you are suffering from arthritis or Achilles Tendonitis.

Dancers new to hip-hop dancing will find it appealing because the padded collar and spin spots are comfortable and great for dancing long hours.

Top Features

  • Padded collar
  • Human-made leather
  • Comfortable insole
  • Achilles support
  • Spin spot
  • Moderate arch support


  • The split sole makes for safe movement on the knees
  • Its flexibility and lightness make it great for spinning
  • It offers excellent support for high arches
  • Great price and quality
  • It is an excellent fit for narrow feet


  • Small sizes
  • Slippery on tiled floors

It has the right amount of balance and grip needed to pivot and spin on the dance floor (without tiles) without fear of falling or injuring your knees on the hardwood floor.

It is suitable for children who love dancing hip-hop, Jazz, Salsa, Zumba, as well as ideal for aerobics workout due to its flexibility, snug fit, and lightness on the feet.

5. Women’s Mesh Jazz Shoes Lady Modern Split-Sole Dance Sneakers

Women's Mesh Jazz Shoes Lady Modern Split-Sole Dance Sneakers

This superb pair is an all-in-one dance shoe suitable for hip-hop, Ballroom, Athletics, square dancing, quickstep, Cha Cha and aerobics.

Its distinct shape and design help its users to perfect each of the dance steps outlined above without missing a beat.

Being a lightweight sneaker, it helps to increase your bounce rate and shock absorption during fitness and daily exercise sessions.

This product from Saguaro is popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to jump and dance – especially for guys and ladies seeking the best shoes for hip hop dance classes.

Top Features

  • 100% mesh
  • 1/18″ heels
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper synthetic leather
  • Split sole
  • Strong anti-slip sole


  • The cotton lining helps with absorbing sweat and gives better comfort
  • It has an abrasive resistance that makes it easy to rotate the feet
  • The drape cotton enhances the fitness level on the arch
  • Its softness and flexibility give the hip-hop dancer a light feeling
  • It is perfect as a multi-dance step sneaker
  • The sturdy anti-slip sole makes it suitable for aerobics and fitness exercises
  • It swivels well on wooden floors
  • It is available in red, black, and white


  • It has too much friction at the foot of the ball
  • The rubber sole is not suitable for spinning nor line dancing

With the amount of comfort it offers and price level, it is the right choice for beginners as they start their dance journey into the hip-hop dance world.

Being among the best shoes for hip-hop dance classes in 2022 is a plus for Women’s Mesh Jazz Shoes Lady Girls Modern Split-Sole Dance Sneakers.

6. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Made with a combination of experience and professionalism, this brand of sneakers has become a household name with dancers all over the world.

This split sole sneaker fits like a second skin over the feet due to its innovative custom design.

The use of light, durable mesh and a suede upper makes it suitable for different dance styles ranging from hip-hop to Jazz, Salsa, Zumba, and Ballroom dancing.

Top Features

  • 100% mesh and suede
  • ½” heel
  • Suede and leather sole
  • Rubber heel
  • Spacious toe box
  • Padded cotton and cushioned insole


  • The suede and leather sole make it easy to turn on the dance floor
  • The presence of rubber heels provides traction when needed
  • The breathable synthetic mesh upper gives you breathability and comfort as it does not keep moisture
  • Adjustable lace to get a snug fit
  • Suede sole to make it easy to glide
  • Orthotic soles are easy to slip in
  • It is a versatile dance sneaker
  • It is affordable and comfortable


  • Narrow in the toe area for wide feet dancers
  • It does not provide arch support

The low heels make it a comfortable and perfect shoe for dancing hip-hop and as well a great piece if you want to take up multiple dance styles.

With Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker, Plantar Fasciitis is not an issue as it comes with insoles to protect your feet.

The support Sansha Jazz sneaker enjoys is second to none considering the many reviews of users who love it and want to repurchase it.

7. Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker

Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker

This pair is a combination of everyday footwear and dancewear that is perfect for the freestyle nature of hip-hop and is as elegant on the feet as it looks.

It is beautiful in and out, and you can wear it to parties or a casual outing.

Some of the best dance teams around the world use this functional pair for the hottest dance competitions.

You can make quick turns and spins, thanks to the spin pad and leather used to manufacture the sole.

Top Features

  • Synthetic material
  • Leather Upper
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue
  • Grid lining
  • Non-marking sole
  • Spin pad


  • The rubber outsole provides traction
  • Lace-up front for a secured fit
  • The padded collar gives support to the ankle


  • Laces are short
  • Not an excellent choice for professional dancers
  • Irregular sizing

Zumba dancers will love Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker for its high tops that give ankle support.

You will find a matching color for your outfit; this pair is available in various colors like black/black, black/white, white, charcoal, and navy blue.

8. Reebok Women’s Guresu 1.0 Running Shoe

Reebok Women's Guresu 1.0 Running Shoe

The Reebok brand, though famous for producing running shoes, is also a great contender in the design of street style shoes.

This attribute makes this particular running shoe to qualify as one of the best shoes for hip-hop dancing.

With the midfoot gore support, your feet will receive the required firmness for appropriate motion.

It is an excellent fit for dancers with wide feet since it has a roomy toe box and has frontal laces that can be secured to the feet.

Since comfort is a top priority for all dance styles, the comfort Reebok Women’s Guresu 1.0 Running Shoe offers makes it a top choice for hip-hop dancers due to the stability and cushioning the sole offers.

Top Features

  • 100% synthetic texture
  • Rubber sole
  • Mid-cut design
  • Bootie construction
  • EVA midsole
  • Forefoot flex groove
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • It is lightweight and fits like socks on the feet
  • It is available in different types of colors
  • The flex grooves aids in mobility
  • The use of Eva midsole to absorb shock


  • Lack of cushioning in the midsole
  • Loose wrap on the midfoot
  • No support on the upper part

It is a running shoe that will serve you for dance fitness exercises such as walking, HIIT cardio, and workouts. This dual-use capability is thanks to the right support and bounce.

As a beginner dancer, it will serve your dancing needs, since you may not be able to dance long hours in it because it does not have the required amount of arch support.

It sure does qualify to be among the Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop.

9. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

In need of a classic design on your feet and colors to suit your mood? This low-to-the-ground feel version from Nike will meet your needs at all times.

The use of quality leather, springy soft cushioning, and a massive midsole makes it durable, bouncy, and a great fit.

It is perforated to promote ventilation so your feet can feel comfortable and dry at all times.

The use of a midsole made with durable foam makes the cushioning light and protects against impact.

Top Features

  • Leather and synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole
  • 3.22” shaft
  • Perforated toe front
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Thick embossed Air logo sole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Full-length Nike Air unit
  • Crisp leather edges and lightweight fabrics
  • Arch support


  • It has overlays at the upper part to enhance durability
  • The use of pivot points in the heel and forefoot to be able to turn in all directions
  • The non-marking rubber outsole provides durability and traction
  • You get a snug fit through the use of collar padding
  • You can wear it on any outfit and also available in a wide range of colors


  • Irregular sizing

Named after the plane of the U.S President (Air Force One), Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker is a force to reckon with.

Do ensure to have it in your collection; it is a long-lasting and high-quality sneaker.

You will rock the dance floor with your breaking steps, relying on a pair that has all the features to make you dance as long as you desire.

Children, teens hip-hop crooners, young adults, men, and grandpas have positive reviews to give about Airforce One sneakers.

What to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Dancing Hip-hop

Arch and ankle support

Like all other dance styles, the right support for the arch and the ankle is essential.

This support guarantees that you will be able to execute smooth moves without exposing your toes, ankle, and knees to life-threatening injuries.

The best shoes for dancing hip-hop must have the right amount of cushioning to provide support when making moves that involve jumping.

This cushioning feature is crucial to reduce the impact of falls to the feet.

To avoid strains to your ligaments and joints when hopping, squatting, and stomping, never neglect shoes with arch support and ankle support in your choice.

Having secured laces and a padded ankle also helps to keep your footwear to your feet.


Wearing the right size of footwear is not negotiable no matter the type of dance style it is and hip-hop is not exempted.

You will be able to move well if you are wearing the right size and also bend your feet as you move to the beat.

Your confidence level on the dance floor increase during a competitive dance session on the street with a well-fitted shoe on because you won’t worry about slipping or falling when twisting at a fast speed.

Most stores recommend you stay with the street size chart or a size up or down, whether you are a male or a female.


The hip-hop world is all about style and culture. You must be trendy and classy to fit in; as such, a good hip-hop dancer will always dress the part.

As you are shopping for the best shoes for dancing hip-hop, you want to call attention to your whole appearance and have the pair serve you when not dancing.

Hip-hop promotes creativity and individualism in looks and dance steps – and your shoes say a lot about that.

There is a brand out there that represents you in all totality without disregarding quality and the purpose it is to serve.

There is a variety of colors, shapes, designs that will match whatever outfit you want to put on.

Take your time to find your style!


Hip-hop dancing involves a lot of high impact maneuvers and pivoting; you will want a comfortable pair of sneakers so your mind can be at rest.

To get the desired comfort, excellent cushioning is vital. This feature helps to reduce impact and injuries to the knees, hips, and heels.

The best shoes for hip-hop dancing must have EVA midsoles or gel insoles to give the right support and protection.

A comfortable sneaker must be flexible and lightweight so you can move around while performing your dance routines without any difficulties.

This feature also serves to reduce stress on your feet and is a crucial criterion to qualify as one of the best shoes for dancing hip hop this year.


The best shoes for dancing hip-hop should have the right amount of traction needed to get the moves right.

You have to pick a rubber sole that has good tread and grip to prevent slipping as you burst a move.

The right outsole must provide stability and balance too.

Some of the sneakers do have spin points which makes it easier to slide and turn with the right slick and traction.

Your sneaker should not have a sole that is too sticky, thereby limiting your movement level and dance moves.


Like all dance styles that require substantial movement, sweating from all parts of the body is inevitable.

You have to ensure your feet are dry and comfortable.

A sweaty foot means friction can occur at any time. Such friction can happen when your feet do not get adequate ventilation.

The choice of fabrics used to produce dance sneakers determine how breathable they will be.

Always opt for sneakers made with breathable materials like mesh uppers or canvas materials.

This saves you from blisters, smelly feet, and fungal infections.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Do I need hip-hop shoes for dancing?

A. With hip-hop dancing, like other forms of dancing, putting on suitable footwear is necessary to get the moves right.

Since it involves much stamping, turning, hopping, stomping, and jumping, you need to have and own the right sneakers with proper arch and ankle support.

This will guide against injuries to your knee or lower back.

The right hip-hop shoe can absorb weight when performing routines that require you to jump and twirl.

As it is a versatile shoe, you save cost since you can wear them to your fitness exercise classes, taking a long walk, or as an everyday sneaker with virtually any outfit.

A suitable dance shoe for hip-hop should have stability and traction.

Q. Why is rubber sole important in hip-hop dance shoes?

A. The best hip-hop shoes for dance classes have a non-marking rubber sole.

The essence is to achieve stability while freestyling on a smooth hardwood floor and keep you from skidding.

The sole must have great treads to give the needed slick and traction when sliding and making turns.

This explains why some soles come with spin spots.

A flexible sole is an important feature you need for dancing. This is critical to help you bend your toes and feet as you move your body.

Q. Are the shapes of the feet important in choosing the right dance sneakers?

A. Knowing the shape of your feet makes it easier to understand the right shoe for you because everyone does not have the same foot shape.

While some feet are narrow, some are wide, some have low arches and others have high arches.

The earlier you buy the right fit, the earlier you save yourself the stress of needless pain to your sciatica, heels, toes, nails, knees, metatarsal, etc.

Whether you have Achilles tendonitis or Plantar fasciitis, there is a brand that fits your feet.

Q. How much is right for a good Hip-hop shoe?

A. Well, since you want comfort from your hip-hop shoe, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend to get what you want.

The price you will pay will depend on factors such as durability, the quality of materials used, the reputation of the brand, etc.

What is essential is for you to pay for a brand and a pair of shoes that will be worth the amount you are willing to pay for it.

In the end, what should be necessary is for it to serve the purpose you need it for given that new brands and designs get produced with changes in fashion and time.


As a hip-hop dancer, you have to be comfortable and trendy when it comes to fashion sense.

Music and fashion are a way of life that you can’t do without, which also applies to the choice of footwear.

For your feet to look sleek and trendy, carefully consider the various brands, colors, designs, patterns, sizes, etc., before deciding which one is perfect.

If you are part of a street dance group always in a dance competition and looking for the best shoes for hip hop dance class, take note of the following:

Durability, stylishness and, functionality will be primary criteria for you, unlike someone dancing to hip-hop in the kitchen.

So, do not pick a pair of dancing shoes in a hurry.

Avoiding a trip to the hospital for a torn ligament as a result of a fall from wearing the wrong footwear is as essential as being the best freestyle dancer.

There you have it; let our detailed research showcasing the 9 best shoes for dancing hip pop helps you to discover the dance sneaker that reflects your personality and style best.

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