The 7 Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly of 2022

As you grow older, some changes begin to take place. You become gentle with people and the environment. And that is awesome.

But that’s not all. The aging process comes with some health conditions that can affect your ability to stay independent. According to a publication by the World Health Organization, common health conditions among the elderly include hearing loss, pulmonary disease, dementia, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and back neck pain.

Is it all doom and gloom here? Not at all. You see, you may not have control over dementia, but you certainly have the helms when it comes to foot-related problems. All you need is corrective footwear and a stellar example here is the Velcro shoes.

The best Velcro shoes for elderly go beyond just making it easier for you to wear or remove your shoes. A good number of them boast of superior cushioning that is reliable as your fat protection layers diminish.

Additionally, you’ll find them to bear superior traction, arch support, and plenty of room for your toes to splay. To save you the trouble and headache of staring at your computer for many hours while hunting for shoes, we will list down a couple of them. Remember to read the buying guide section for advice on what you need to consider.

If you can’t read to the bottom, then check out our top recommendation; New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Hook Walking Shoe. This is an extremely comfortable shoe that includes support, anti-fatigue, stability, and style to its package. It’s also nicely rated by many previous buyers, which indicates that it’s been to test so often.

For those looking for more, keep reading to unravel all the best Velcro shoes for seniors that you can upgrade your closet with.

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly

NamePriceMade ofSole
New Balance Men's 577 V1 Hook Walking ShoeCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Propét Men's LifeWalker Strap Walking ShoeCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Skechers Men's Afterburn Strike Velcro SneakerCheck PriceLeather & TextileSynthetic
Avia Men's Avi-Union Ii Strap Food Service ShoeCheck PriceSyntheticRubber
Dr. Scholl's - Men's Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap SneakerCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Dunham Men's Winslow OxfordCheck PriceLeatherRubber
Vans Men's Low-Top TrainersCheck PriceSuedeRubber

1. New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Hook Walking Shoe

New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Hook Walking Shoe

Let’s roll this off with a top-rated shoe that most seniors recommend- New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe. This is one of the best walking shoes for seniors who value both comfort and style.

The presence of hook and loop gives you an easy time to get the shoes secured in seconds. This takes away the hassle involved in tying and untying laces. Conveniently, the Velcro strap can allow for a custom fit to prevent the shoe from pressing on your tender feet.

Besides the obvious stunning looks and Velcro fabrics, New Balance Men’s 577 V1 is generously padded for comfort. This is taken to the next level by the premium ABZORB cushioning in the heel for impressive impact absorption and lasting stability.

Like other practical New Balance sneakers, this one too is breathable to keep your feet cool. On top of that, it is durable and versatile for everyday walkers.

Core features

  • Soft leather top
  • Bouncy rubber outsole
  • Convenient Velcro closure
  • Padded opening
  • Impact-absorbing ABZORB cushioning
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Versatile design


  • Easy on and off
  • Generous cushioning for a softer landing
  • Versatile design for any walking activity
  • Built to last
  • Almost flat for better stability


  • Those around $60 and below exhibit quality flaws

New Balance Men’s 577 V1 has already been put to the test by many seniors and found to be worth every penny. It is lightly cushioned to help everyday walkers roam around for a whole day without feeling burdened. On top of that, the pair comes in a wide range of price so you can spend according to your pocket’s strength.

2. Propét Men’s LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe

Propét Men’s LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe

Who said the best Velcro shoes for elderly must be dull and bulky? Well, you probably haven’t met Propet Men’s LifeWalker Walking Shoe. This is a Medicare-approved shoe for seniors with diabetes-which is obviously a common condition in the aging population.

This shoe gives you a roomier toe end, which is one of the key features of shoes with healing capabilities. So like the best shoes for swollen feet, this one too is easy on the feet and allows the toes to splay freely. While the front features breathable perforations, the shoe, in itself, is designed to remain cool even on extremely hot days.

Some of its convenient features include the adjustable, easy on and off Velcro fabric and the removable cushioned orthotics. Sometimes orthotics can be a pain in the bum and that’s why it’s good that shoes have replaceable varieties. This way, you can use custom insoles that either increase comfort or arch support.

The good news is that Propet Men’s LifeWalker Walking Shoe arrives with excellent arch support thanks to the contoured heel stabilizer. There is totally nothing to worry about comfort as this is actually one of its strong points.

Core features

  • Leather top
  • Rubber outsole
  • Brushed nylon lining
  • Contoured heel stabilizer
  • Dual Velcro strap closure (adjustable)
  • Removable cushioned orthotics
  • Medicare-approved diabetic shoe
  • EVA midsole


  • Superior arch support
  • Medicare-approved and thus ideal for those with diabetic feet
  • Optimally padded for comfort
  • Can work with custom insoles
  • Stylish for the best looks
  • Adjustable Velcro closure for a custom fit
  • Multiple color choices


  • Nylon lining isn’t particularly the best shoe lining material available as its poor at absorbing moisture

Propet is among the best brands that make the best walking shoes. This is merely one of the reasons why you would be better off with Propet Men’s LifeWalker Walking Shoe. Not only is this pair trusted by many former buyers but by Medicare as well. This makes it ideal for those with diabetic and other feet conditions.

3. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Velcro Sneaker

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Velcro Sneaker

If you are a diehard sneakerhead with an affinity for the most stylish collections, then you are bound to love Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro Sneaker. Truth be told, Skechers is still one of the few shoe brands that still observe the best engineering standards without cutting corners. So yes, their shoes are extremely reliable.

Skechers Afterburn’s architecture is exactly that of high-end running shoes. This means top-quality cushioning, memory foam padding, thick midsoles, and nicely padded tongue and collar for a gentle hug. You will practically not feel the ground you are walking on as its impact absorption is on a whole new level.

As you age, your back and fingers are likely to have issues. For instance, arthritic feet can make it challenging to tie laces. That’s why going for Velcro shoes like Skechers Afterburn is a good idea. The bottom of this shoe is lugged to keep you steady on wet and slippery floors.

Core features

  • Synthetic leather
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Roomier interior
  • Smooth fabric lining
  • Dual Velcro strap
  • Available in many sizes


  • Designed with good looks
  • Advanced comfort for tender feet
  • Superior traction
  • Adjustable Velcro closures
  • Available in an affordable price range
  • Roomier to avoid crumpling of toes


  • A few quality flaws that compromise its longevity

If you want to look and feel great, Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Sneaker is what you should be looking for. This strainer is versatile for daily walks and exercises. Since at an advanced age, one is likely to be a little frail, this shoe’s superior traction can feel godsend on slippery floors. Above all, its quality is as stunning as that of Marvel movies that’s if you are into comics (huh).

4. Avia Men’s Avi-Union Ii Strap Food Service Shoe

Avia Men’s Avi-Union Ii Strap Food Service Shoe

There is a simple secret to getting the most comfortable shoes; you look to the best running sneakers or shoes for swollen feet. Additionally, if you want comfort with priority on things like anti-fatigue technology and superior traction, then go for the likes of Avia Men’s Avi-Union Food Service Shoe.

Since Avia-Union is fashioned for those working in the foodservice, its structural engineering is exactly what seniors are looking for. Let’s explain this in detail. First, this shoe packs a memory foam sockliner, pronounced midsole, and padded collar and tongue for a soothing ride.

The roomier front end lets your toes dance around in freedom-no being held back. This feature is ideal for those with tender toes and skin. The most iconic feature of his shoe is the superior traction that guarantees a sure footing in slippery environments. On top of that, the Velcro closure makes it easy to wear or remove the shoe.

Core features

  • Hook and loop Velcro closure
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Synthetic top
  • Memory foam sockliner
  • Defender tech for water and stain resistance


  • Oil and slip-resistant outsole
  • Water and a stain-resistant top
  • Superior comfort for all-day walking and standing
  • Easy on and off
  • True to size


  • Nothing significant

There are a few good reasons why Avia Men’s Avi-Union should get your attention. First, there is probably no other shoe in this review with such stellar traction. Secondly, it can resist water and stain (no other shoe in this list can do that too). Lastly and probably what matters more, it’s well-received by the previous buyers-and this indicates it is worth it’s salt.

5. Dr. Scholl’s – Men’s Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker

Dr. Scholl’s – Men’s Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker

If a 73 years old senior weighing 250+ pounds with swollen feet and ankles found Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Light Velcro Sneaker to be supremely comfortable, so will you. Dr.Scholl’s shoes are podiatrist-designed with unique features that aim to pacify foot problems.

This particular pair boasts of immense cushioning, soft leather, and thickly padded collar and tongue. When you sink into it, it’s practically impossible not to feel its soft grab around the feet. The heel support works hand in hand with the bouncy midsole to take away the impact upon striking the ground.

Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Light Velcro Sneaker comes in a wide package. This is common for all the best Velcro sneakers for seniors as they allow for some breathing and feet movement. The convenient dual Velcro straps will help you to adjust the fit to a level that gives you peace.

On the flip side, this shoe may run a little big and while it is inarguably comfy, durability is not one of its strengths. Truthfully, all sneakers are designed for comfort and that thick padding they sport beats up a little faster than expected.

Core features

  • Smooth leather exterior
  • Meshed tongue and collar
  • Dual Velcro straps
  • Wide width
  • Can accommodate custom orthotics
  • Doctor-designed


  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for dealing with diabetes, bunions, hammertoes and other swollen feet problems
  • Breathable construction
  • Extra room for toe splaying
  • Doctor-designed without the premium pricing tag
  • Enhanced cushioning


  • Not durable

If you are looking for Velcro shoes for swollen feet, ankles, hammertoes, and bunions, Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Light Velcro Sneaker might be able to help. Its comfort is similar to or better than the Adidas Boost line. This pair runs true to size and, therefore near zero possibility of dealing with returns. And let’s face it, at your age, would you stomach dealing with returns? Of course no.

6. Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford

Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford

Seniors who have worked in the corporate world for long and gotten used to formal oxford shoes might find it challenging to swap to sneakers probably because most of your attires are formal too. But you don’t need to fret. Options like Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford have been made just for your test.

If you look at the picture of Dunham Winslow, you’ll realize that it is simply a formal shoe that’s been stripped of laces and replaced with dual Velcro closure. This takes away the strain of bending and tying on laces.

To soothe your presumably weak feet, this kick is extra-padded in the interior, the collar and tongue to offer more comfort than ordinary oxford shoes. On top of that, a special ABZORB and Rollbar cushioning in the rear and forefoot, consecutively boost impact absorptions.

Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford’s flat-footed design is a relief as usual 12mm drop shoes can affect stability. This one, on the contrary, gives you the best contact with the ground. To put the cherry on top, this shoe comes in many widths and sizes so you can get your exact fit.

Core features

  • Leather overlays
  • Dual Velcro fabrics
  • ABZORB AND ROLLBAR cushioning
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • Extended widths and sizes for ease of finding your perfect pair
  • Provides better support and stability
  • Padded for more comfort
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Classic timeless look and colors
  • Durably built
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • No serious quality flaws

Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford is a convenient Velcro shoe for individuals who are used to formal shoes. Unlike ordinary oxfords, this one comes with a lot of comforting tech and waterproofing features so your feet can comfortably carry you in your advanced age. And the good news is, this is one of the best Velcro shoes for elderly with astounding quality.

7. Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers

Vans Men's Low-Top Trainers

Quick question, can older people wear Vans? Yes, they can. If you were born wearing them and are still fans of minimalist sneakers like Converse AllStars, you really have no excuse not to keep rocking them. Low top sneakers like Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers can be a better way for seniors to strengthen their feet just as long as they have no serious feet problems.

Vans Low Top Trainer has a stripped-down design that is truly the epitome of lightweight footwear. No time-consuming and bulky bells and whistles that sometimes are not necessary. This means you can walk and run so many miles without being dragged down.

This sneaker, unlike the laced ones, comes with triple Velcro fabrics for a secure custom fit. When the fit is too tight, you can loosen and when you need it super tight for running, you just pull them to the far end. The quality of the Velcro strap is good and lasts just as long as the shoe’s lifetime.

Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers can also be pretty good for tennis players too-and a good number of them seem to be close or past the retirement age.

Core features

  • Canvas top
  • Rubber outsole
  • Zero-drop design
  • Hook and loop Velcro closure
  • Reinforced toe end


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile for almost any event you can think of
  • Comfortable enough for all-day walking
  • Affordable
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Enhance stability


  • Not comfortable enough for those with feet problems
  • Poor arch support and thus good for those with normal arches only

If you are an old school person who has been rocking chucks for as long as time itself, you’ll love Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers’ simplicity. This is an affordable, durable, and extremely versatile shoe for practically any outdoor event. And they usually have little to no flaws.

Factors to Consider While Buying Velcro Shoes for Senior Citizens

Do not buy shoes blindly-especially in your elderly days. Young people may have the freedom to be reckless because their feet are still in perfect shape. On the other hand, you probably have one or a few feet of conditions that demand special care shoes.

Here is what you must consider when buying Velcro shoes:


The one reason you might be looking for the best Velcro shoes for seniors is for easy adjustability. This way, when your feet swell, you can loosen the straps a bit to create some room for breathing. And when everything is okay, you can tighten them for a quick run.

The length of the Velcro straps can determine adjustability. If they are too short, you’ll not be able to get a wider degree of adjustability. A simple look at the previous customers can tell you if the straps are of the best length.


Let’s be honest for a second; you don’t have the impeccable feet of a teenager. If you do, then count yourself lucky-for sure. According to research by Medicine Today, some of the most common foot problems in adults include bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, hammertoes, claw toes, arthritis, and toenail disorders.

According to the same research, these conditions can impair seniors’ mobility and ultimately hamper their independence. All you have to do to avoid is by wearing comfortable shoes with pronounced midsoles, plushy insoles, and well-padded collar and tongue.

But that is not enough for some people. That’s why proper arch support is also ideal.

Roomier toe end

The older you get, the more prone you are to feet problems. That’s why you see a majority of your peers going for slip-ons rather than closed shoes. This is because their feet need plenty of air and cannot handle being bundled together like potatoes anymore.

So when buying the best shoes for seniors, try to go the wider types as they offer more room for toe movement. This will prevent your bunions, hammertoes, and other toe conditions from worsening. If you want more room for movement and breathability, then all you probably need is the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.


Feet getting hot and sweaty is one of the predisposing conditions for bacteria growth. And once bacteria grows, you’ll be looking forward to having smelly shoes and feet. But when you consider breathability in a shoe, your feet will remain cool all day long. To improve air circulation, sometimes you’ll need breathable orthotics as well.


Most senior citizens tend to be empty nesters, probably with a good savings account, to survive for the remaining part of their lives. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got money to throw around on cheap defective shoes.

So when buying shoes, look for those with a longer lifespan-probably made of leather, suede, or other long-lasting synthetics. Note that durable shoes sometimes could cost more which is okay. To know if a kick is worth it or not, simply read customer reviews-you can never go wrong with them.


While slipping, a young man or woman can quickly pick themselves up before they fall. You-not so much. Your reflexes are no longer as quick as they used to be a decade, two or three ago. So when shopping for shoes, try to analyze the floor types you walk on often. If they are slippery, then invest in a shoe with superior traction.


Most seniors love sneakers because of their impressive comfort. Unfortunately, some do go so far in their efforts to increase comfort, which leads to a shoe being unnecessarily bulky and heavy. This can get in the way of your activities if you are a daily walker or runner.

So always go for shoes that sport lightweight padding. They are designed to be light so you can walk countless miles and not feel strained. The link above consists mainly of sneakers that work well for the aging population as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are Velcro shoes?

A. Velcro shoes come with Velcro straps for securing in the place of laces. These straps promote easy on and off and are adjustable. Such shoes are ideal for the elderly or anyone with arthritic fingers.

Q. How can you fix Velcro on shoes?

A. With time, Velcro strap will not stick anymore as a result of dirt and debris accumulation. To fix this, use a pet comb or tweezers to scrape the dirt out of the fabric. You can also use a new piece of Velcro to stick it to the old one and grab the debris off of it so it can stick once again.

Frequent cleaning of the Velcro strap is necessary for it to attach strongly. If the loop section is too fuzzy, then use the scissors to shear off some parts. Check out online tutorials on how to repair worn Velcro fabrics for more techniques.

Q. How long does Velcro last?

A. Like any other shoe material, Velcro will start to loosen or tear up after some time. There are two grades of Velcro-nylon and polyester. The former is effective for up to 10,000 uses and the latter roughly 3500. On average, expect a shoe Velcro to remain functional for a maximum of 20,000 open and closes.

Q. Does Velcro gets ruined during washing?

A. No, it doesn’t. This means it is okay to toss your Velcro shoes in the washer. However, you need to stick the hook and loop together or cover the hook in some protective pads or garments. The washing needs to be gentle, and so is the detergent.

Wrap Up

Bending every other time to tie up shoes in old age can be painful, cumbersome, and discouraging. As you mellow up with years, it’s best to stick to the best practices that aim at easing your daily struggles. This is why it is imperative to consider Velcro shoes for seniors.

The best Velcro shoes for the elderly are convenient in many ways. First, you’ll appreciate how easy they are to get in or out. Secondly, most of them have a stripped-down construction that is super lightweight and flexible. This makes your Daily walks and activities fun and less tiring.

But before you settle for a shoe, make sure to consider all your foot problems. This way, you’ll save yourself some bucks and the trouble of buying footwear only to stash it away and never wear it. Go back to our list and see if there is something that works for you. All the best!

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