The 7 Best Dance Shoes of 2020

It’s so easy to think that Michael Jackson, Joaquin Cortes, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and all other renowned dancers around the world were born dancing their way out of the womb. Well, some might be, but most of them invested in practicing and intense training sessions to upgrade their moves.

Oh, but there is one thing you might be forgetting; they had shoes – and not just any kind of shoes but the best dancing shoes.

Let’s gets this right; you may dance barefoot, but you definitely can’t achieve magnificent leaps and strides without excellent shoes.

Dancing is an art that involves intense moves that can take a toll on your feet, and if you do this without wearing one of the best dance shoes available, you’ll definitely have a lot of pain to deal with. To the worst extents, you may be forced to retire before your moment even arrives.

To ensure that you do not give up on your dreams and miss out on the best moments of your life when it’s clear you deserve the spotlight, this extensive research unveiling the best shoes that help dancers display their sleek moves would come in handy on your big day.


If you don’t have the time to scroll to the end, then here is the shoe that stands out the most:

STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoes Women Big Kid Shoe.

Best Dance Shoes

NameMade ofSolePrice
STELLE 2" Character Dance Shoes Women Big KidSyntheticSuede soleCheck Price
Capezio Women's Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance ShoePolyurethaneLeather soleCheck Price
Bloch Dance Women's Neo-Flex Jazz ShoeLeather, NeopreneSynthetic soleCheck Price
Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-onLeatherSynthetic soleCheck Price
Bloch Dance Women's Pulse Jazz ShoeLeather/NeopreneRubber soleCheck Price
Dynadans Women's Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz ShoeLeatherSynthetic soleCheck Price
Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500LeatherSplit soleCheck Price

We know you need to head back to the practice room so let’s just dive right in. Here are our top recommendations worth looking into:

1. STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoes Women Big Kid

STELLE 2" Character Dance Shoes Women Big Kid

The STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoe is a beginner-friendly all-purpose dancing shoe. Like many other learners have confirmed too, this shoe will help you achieve those intricate moves with minimal effort.

The top section combines synthetic and fine quality leather that does not pinch nor scratch. Inside, this shoe packs premium level memory foam cushion that aids to absorb shock. The linings are also designed to be breathable so as to avoid heat and sweat accumulation when dancing.

During your first dance lessons, your teacher may have mentioned the importance of keeping your high-heel shoes within a maximum of 2 and 2.5 inches. The STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoe is measured to such perfection.

This should help you to move a lot, comfortably and without getting tired easily.

Something really cool about this shoe is its ability to match virtually every cloth in your dresser – whether it’s a sleek Italian Tuxedo or a Tie Back Turtleneck Skater. This feature can be time-saving given the fact that other shoes will require you to sift through your entire collection of clothes just to get one that matches them.

Also, this pair is true to size, and thus, there is no guessing whether it will fit you or not.

Top features

STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoes bear the following top features:

  • Synthetic and leather combo
  • 2″ heel
  • All-purpose shoe
  • Ankle strap
  • True to size
  • Round-toe design

  • Adequately comfortable thanks to the memory foam cushioning
  • Fits as expected
  • Can match with many outfits-both casual and official
  • Flexible and doesn’t pinch

  • Limited color options
  • Too generic to offer specific help for complex dance styles

Given its beginner-friendly and multi-purpose nature, you can never go wrong with the STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoe. It’s perfect for dancing, theater play, acting, and day-to-day activities. Judging by the stellar reviews it has on various platforms, and you are less likely to get disappointed with this pair.

2. Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe

Capezio Women's Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe

This offering from Capezio is a staple among top entertainers, thanks to its practical design. It features a soft Nappa PU and leather combo that helps do away with the usual blistering and rubbing experienced with other dance shoes.

The T-strap styling provides a reliable but tender way to secure the shoe, so it doesn’t come off while dancing. Like most standard dancing shoes, this one also features a 2″ heel design that can handle massive strain without the treacherous heel dig-in.

Comfort is the number one reason this shoe is so popular, and that can be attributed to the padded footbed and a microfiber technology that absorbs moisture. This shoe is Tele Tone compatible, ensuring that you can attach taps to the sole for it to serve various dancing styles – including Lindy.

Top features

Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe sports the following:

  • Leather and polyurethane
  • Tapered toe box
  • 2″ heel
  • Soft microfiber lining
  • T-strap design
  • Buckle closure
  • Padded footbed

  • Soft and plush material
  • Tele Tone compatible
  • Can absorb moisture to reduce odor and discomfort
  • Non-slip heel
  • Unmatched durability
  • They are true to size

  • Limited color options

Capezio Women’s Jr. Dance Shoe is a classic delight for those who want a taste of the finest quality. It allows one to customize it a little through the addition of Tele Tones. The shoe fits well and comes at a favorable price too.

3. Bloch Dance Women’s Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe

When you ‘don’t have a reason to get up and dance, Bloch Dance Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe can provide you with one. This shoe is a fantastic piece designed to follow the perfect contortions of your feet with zero strainings.

This dance-ready shoe bears a full-grain soft leather with some neoprene additions to deliver a gentle touch. As a slip-on with goring on the sides, you will have an easier time getting them on and off.

The interior also packs an EVA technology which guarantees that the shoe provides better support and incredible comfort.

Bloch Dance Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe for women comes with a sole slip design that promotes an unsurpassed level of movements. Basically, this shoe sets your dance spirit free so you can display your full-scale abilities.

It is also, no doubt, one of the well-ventilated dance shoes out there.

Top features

The overarching features of Bloch Dance Women’s Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe include:

  • Split sole design
  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather and neoprene combo
  • Heel pads
  • EVA forefoot

  • Full-grain soft leather
  • Fits cozily like a glove
  • Slip-on construction for easy on and off
  • Top-level comfort and durability
  • Fairly priced

  • Not true to size
  • As anyone would expect, the lower end versions don’t last long. It would be ideal to pay a little more for a long-lasting one instead

Bloch Dance Women’s Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe is definitely an excellent choice for Jazz recitals and competition.

As long as you get the sizing right, you should worry less about blisters, overheating, slips and falls.

4. Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on

Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on

If you don’t love the Bloch Dance shoes above, another offer that comes close to it in design and engineering is Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe. This stylish slip-on features leather topping and a synthetic sole.

The heel sits a little low, though; at 0.4”, it bears heel counter features that add to proper feet balance and stability. The synthetic outsole has a slight bouncing effect that absorbs shock, thus minimizing pain.

Like others in its category, its amazing split design promotes better support, stability, and movement.

Linodes Jazz Shoe values comfort above everything else. This is indicated by the soft material that makes up its structure.

There is an arch insert in the middle to provide peace of mind for those in need of arch support. Like most shoe collections in this review, this one too has limited color options. You may like our review arch support shoes in depth.

Top features

Some of the outstanding features of Linodes Jazz Shoe include:

  • Leather top
  • Heel counter features
  • Cotton lining
  • Split sole design
  • Side goring
  • Arch insert

  • Easy to wear/remove
  • Affordably priced
  • Very soft materials
  • Provides sufficient arch support
  • Extremely breathable
  • Unquestionably flexible

  • The only problem with Linodes Jazz Shoe is that it comes in a few color options

Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe is a great pick for jazz lovers who desire better comfort and arch support. The shoe has received a good number of stellar reviews on Amazon and other sites too.

Judging by the quality and price, it sure qualifies as one of the best shoes for dancing, given that it is actually one of the cheapest in the market in that category.

Be careful while picking the size, though.

5. Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Pulse Jazz Shoe

Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe is a top-rated shoe which users praise highly for flexibility. It’s the perfect companion that lets you conjure up some magnificent leaps that would leave the crowd completely mesmerized.

There is no hard material in its structure apart from a small rubber section on the outsole. The top bears a combination of soft leather and neoprene, which is thinned out to give you the barefoot experience. There is also an embossed pleat detail on the arch which enhances the shoe’s stunning looks.

The middle section also offers a tight hug to the arches, which can help to minimize pain. There is plenty of air circulation thanks to the light material and the netted top goring. You might want to measure the sizing correctly, though, so you don’t end up with a bigger or smaller pair than your feet require.

Top features

The definitive specs of Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoe include:

  • Low profile heel
  • Moldable suede front sole
  • Rubber sole (heel section)
  • Leather and neoprene top
  • Split sole design

  • Durable and extremely flexible
  • Elasticized binding to conform to your feet’s contours providing a tight fit
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Low profile heel for maximum control over stopping
  • The rubber outsole provides sufficient grip

  • Few colors available

The Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe has a low profile heel that makes you feel the ground as if you were barefoot. This should give you maximum control over your moves to deliver a spectacular performance. It’s ideal for those who do plenty of spinning and turning.

6. Dynadans Women’s Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz Shoe

Dynadans Women's Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz Shoe

This shoe’s design puts protection and comfort at the top of the list. The top sections bear genuine leather that is soft and a neoprene stretch for easy on and off. To keep the weight down and increase flexibility, the sole features thin rubber pads at the front and the heel section.

It’s also designed with a middle layer made of fabric, and that makes the shoe fairly ideal for turning and spinning.

The sole also sports EVA technology, which promotes comfort.

Given its almost flat design, Dynadans Slip-on Jazz Shoe helps dancers move around easily and freely. This freedom is extended further by the split design of the sole. The shoe doesn’t fit as expected, so make sure to follow the advice on the sizing charts seriously to find the right fit.

Top features

Dynadans Women’s Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz Shoe sports the following specs:

  • Leather upper with a neoprene stretch
  • Split design EVA sole
  • Synthetic sole
  • 0.4″ flat heel
  • Slip-on jazz shoe

  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to wear/remove
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Better traction and stability

  • Limited color options
  • Sizing can easily go off

Dynadans Slip-on Jazz Shoe sports the best material that promotes both comfort and flexibility – two of the most demanded dance shoe features. So if you are a jazz dancer and your pocket happens to limit you, then this shoe could actually be what you want – something that is well built but costs lesser than its rivals.

7. Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500

This is a unique collection with metallic plates on the front and rear sections of the sole, ideal for tap dancing. Since the taps are thin, this pair may appear basic to professional dancers and thus only ideal for beginners.

The top section features soft leather with laces for fastening the shoe. There isn’t so much comfort-enhancing tech in the inside of this shoe, but it still manages to be gentle on the feet. The outsole is made of rubber for better flexibility.

Dancing shoes go a little off with sizing, and this one is no different. So make sure to order a half size up to be on the safe side.

Top features

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Shoe has the following specs:

  • Lace-up tap dance shoe
  • 100% leather
  • Rubber outsole with metallic plates
  • Padded collar

  • They are cheaply sold
  • They provide satisfactory tap
  • Ideal for a wide variety of floors
  • Fairly durable
  • Comfortable enough

  • Doesn’t fit as expected
  • It smells a little. However, that diminishes with time

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe is an excellent choice for beginner tap dancers who are familiarizing with tapping sounds. That’s not to say advanced dancers can’t use it. It’s just that the shoe is a cheaper model, and therefore, a bit limited in its capability to tap-dance or last long.

You may like more discussion about tap shoes to produce the right sound on the dance floor.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Dancing Shoes

Dance shoes are constructed to fit a dancer’s body and help them to display their full potential. They differ a lot from conventional street shoes or comfortable house shoes.

This section provides you with the best tips on how to pick a dancing shoe such that you can become one with yourself and move unrestrained like the wind.

The following are the crucial criteria you should seek when picking from a list of the best shoes for dancers.

The perfect fit

Like every other kind of shoe, dancing shoes also differ in size and shape. You’ll find some to be narrow, others wider, and some short. This means you need to know the nature of your feet – are they tall, wider than normal, short, or flat?

Here is a bit of logical advice.

Your feet need to fit perfectly in a shoe for you to be able to express your moves swiftly. Normal outdoor shoes can have a little space for breathing, but dancing shoes need to be in contact with your skin and toes.

So basically, the tighter the shoe, the more functional it is.

For ladies who put on open-toe shoes, it’s vital to ensure the straps are not too tight or loose. Just get them to fit securely without putting much pressure on the feet.

Additionally, your toes need to be right on the edge of the shoe for the best dancing experience.

Dancing style

What kind of dance do you engage in? Hip-hop dances, salsa, or tap dancing? Do you know that you cannot pull tango moves in a salsa shoe?!

Dancing shoes are manufactured to execute a specific style. So before you start adding products to your cart, ask yourself if you are buying a shoe that will support the dancing styles you engage in.

Sometimes, compromising a little works wonders.

If you are just getting started, then there is a possibility you are still dabbling into several dance moves, unlike pros who stick to one or two. Therefore, an all-round dancing shoe will be ideal.

The moment you figure out where you belong, replace your all-purpose dance shoes with one specialized for your niche.

You might be like our guide about foldable flats for casual walking or better dance movement.


Imagine for a second the twists and turns your legs make; pretty sophisticated, right? If you buy shoes made of fluffy materials, then be ready to face disappointments. Conversely, you need to invest in the toughest materials that will handle those marvelous moves without giving in to pressure too soon.

Leather and suede should be at the top of your list.

Be that as it may, there are some superb combinations of fabric, leather, and suede that work just as well as pure genuine leather. Satin material is a great option for those who want a pair of shoes that can be dyed into a different color.

Try to avoid the varieties that are made from vegan materials. They do break-in, and that means loss of stiffness over time.

Sole type

The main purpose of the sole is to protect your underfoot from injuries. Nonetheless, when it comes to dancing shoes, you need to go for a sole type that offers more than just protection.

You need flexibility too.

A sole that firmly grips on the floor will demand a lot of energy, and your tarsus will hurt like hell afterward. On the other hand, the one that slides is equally dangerous too. This means you need to settle for the middle ground – a sole material that holds to the ground without too much friction or slipperiness.

Some of the best material choices that are recommended by dance instructors include fabric, tough skin, and hard plastic soles.

Rubber has too much grip, so try to avoid that.


The durability of a shoe depends majorly on the type of material used on the overlays and outsole. As we have already stated, dancing is a high-octane exercise that involves intricate moves. This means you need a shoe that will turn and twist without ripping apart after a week or month of use.

Every durability factor to ensure you get a shoe that will serve you has been accounted for during the process of reviewing the shoes in this list. You too can make use of user reviews to learn about the experience of other people with the shoe before purchasing it.


If you come from a wealthy background or have a lot of savings, then you have the privilege to buy virtually anything on the market. For those with a few bucks, though, one may want to do a little price comparison to arrive at the cheapest best offer.

Some companies do put in a lot of effort into manufacturing their shoes. Ultimately, they end up charging more. But since this is probably a one-time investment, it could also be a good idea to spend a little more than you had planned.

There is also the question of frequency of use. If you are planning to wear them more than once a week, then you need to go for the finest quality that costs a little more. They will last longer than medium-priced varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section outlines some of the FAQs about shoe dance aficionados frequently battle with, and their respective answers. This should help you get the hang of how things roll or are done in the dance nation.

Q. What are the best dance shoes?

A. As you already know, there are many good shoes that can help you express your awesome moves. We have reviewed seven top options for you – just pick the one that fits both your needs and budget.

Q. What’s the difference between regular shoes and dance shoes?

A. Regular shoes and dance shoes belong to different worlds. Mostly, regular shoes are bulky and are manufactured with tough outsoles that provide immense traction. Dance shoes, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight, flexible, and bear thin tread-free soles for executing fluid moves.

Q. Why do dance shoes have suede soles?

A. Simple. Rubber soles may be common in contemporary shoes, but they are not ideal for dancing because they scuff on the floor. Such an experience demands energy, and your knees and calf muscles will hurt.

Dance shoes mostly bear suede soles because they provide the perfect combination of slide and grip. This way, you won’t slide or use a lot of force to drag your feet on the ground.

Q. What are the best shoes for line dancing?

A. Line dancing involves a group of people executing similar moves while facing each other or away. Since you need to be in perfect sync with the rest, you must wear reliable shoes like Capezio Fierce Dansneaker, Adult Split-sole Sneaker T8000, Capezio Women’s Rockit, Bloch Women’s Evolution, etc.

Q. What are the most comfortable ballroom dance shoes?

A. Some of the picks worth recommending include Ellie Shoes Lucille, Capezio SD103 Social, Delicacy Angel, TTdancewear Bachata, TTdancewear Rhinestone, Akanu Ballroom shoes, etc.

The bottom line

Dancing is a skill that must be performed with natural grace and flexibility. The intense characterization you engage in can take a toll on your legs, back, and ultimately, the spinal cord.

To curtail the possibilities of injuries and improve on your moves, it would be ideal to invest in one of the best dance shoes reviewed above.

Do not shy away on quality just for the sheer fun of saving some bucks. This is usually a one-time investment that you can splash a few dollars on and then enjoy for many months before getting a replacement.

So go a mile further and get the best pair. Make sure to order not just the right size but the best shoe for the dancing style you engage in.

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